Yup. This is us. Me.....and YOU.

Yup. This is us. Me…..and YOU.

The last few months have been….rough.

So rough, in fact, that sometimes I can’t help but picture the various aspects of my life – health, romance, career, finances – all balled up together in a giggling little group, whispering “hey, what do you think she would do if we all did THIS next!”


Not so long ago a friend and I were talking about one aspect that has been especially rocky, and she said to me, “You know, in six months we’ll probably be laughing about all this.” I will admit I loved the idea of “laughing about all this.” And as the situation slowly resolves, we have shared a cackle or two, but not the great howling belly laughs that make even the most horrid of circumstances somehow bearable.

It would seem those days are still yet to come.

The truth that sustains me – has sustained me since 2013 began, and continues to sustain me with each evolving day – is that I have faced and survived and even thrived through my own hard times so many times before. I can do it again. I set my mind to do it now. I do it when my teeth are gritted, my eyes watery, my words timid and my mind weak. I do it when I want to join that giggling little band and just drop-sink the whole darned thing once and for all.

I do it when I don’t believe I can, because I KNOW I can. I know it even when I don’t believe what I know, because I have PROOF.

I am surviving these hard times one day at a time, and that is how I know that you can survive your own hard times too.

I KNOW that you can.

I know this because here you are, reading about my hard times, nodding your head, empathizing even, sharing with me the relief of knowing you are not alone – that yes, someone else knows what it is like to face down your intimidating life and grip the hand of your own quaking self and walk, step by step, right on through it all.

Thank you for sharing this journey – the hard times, the good times, ALL the times – with me.

Today’s Takeaway: Each month I write a message for the group of folks who subscribes to, well, keep up with me (even as I am also trying to keep up with me). Each month, writing this message challenges me to synthesize the core messages and learnings I have received during the past 30 days. Sometimes those messages and learnings span quite some time beyond a mere 30 days. But the discipline of writing this monthly message has also been great for me – serving as kind of a “timeline” if you will to help me benchmark today’s difficulties against yesterday’s triumphs and vice versa. Would something like this be helpful for you too (if you don’t already do it)? If so, what format might work well for you to create your own timeline to encourage yourself in challenging moments and celebrate with yourself when you triumph?

p.s. The above message is from the June issue of Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery