Recently my longtime dear friend and colleague, Dr. Dena Cabrera, and a newer friend of mine, Emily Wierenga, released a much-anticipated new book to help moms who are recovering from an eating disorder. Yay!

Mom in the Mirror” was released this month by Rowan & Littlefield Publishers. When Dena first mentioned the concept to me a few years ago, right away I was anxious for her to begin work. This is because we have so many members within MentorCONNECT, the eating disorders mentoring nonprofit I founded in 2009, who are moms. So while I am not a mother myself (although I am the proud parront to a most beautiful and intelligent bird named Pearl) I am regularly privy to some of the struggles and strains that cross the minds and hearts of mothers who want to make sure their own eating disordered ways are not passed along to their kids.

While not everyone on MentorCONNECT will necessarily relate to some of the faith-based passages in “Mom in the Mirror” (both co-authors are dedicated Christians and so their faith necessarily infuses their personal journeys and the work they do to support others as well) I personally felt that the book is written in such a way that readers who are not Christians can still find tremendous value in the majority of the material.

In this way, “Mom in the Mirror” really does offer readers the best of all worlds – inspiring personal stories of recovery from the authors and others interwoven with the latest eating disorder research by noted experts in the field and practical tools and tips throughout to help readers strengthen in recovery.

This is a book I will be recommending to moms, regardless of their faith background, and purely for its ability to let each struggling mother know that what they are going through is shared by others, is not odd orMITMAd unusual and is certainly something they can find the strength to overcome!

To watch the short video book trailer on You Tube click HERE

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Today’s Takeaway: What are some of your favorite inspiring books that have helped you to achieve your goals, overcome challenges and find new strength and inspiration for the future? What about those particular books has made them your favorites?