mirrorcrpdThis month’s edition of “Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery” is now available and I wanted to share the inspiring message with you here in honor of NEDAwareness Week 2013 (February 24-March 2). I hope you enjoy it!

You Are Aware

If there is one thing I have actually managed to learn well over the past 42 years, it is that my struggles, more than anything else, are what have given me the cherished ability to empathize with others when they are struggling.

While it is always great to enjoy happy moments, and to do whatever we can to make those moments last and grow, in truth it is our struggles that allow us to enjoy happiness when it comes, and to celebrate with others when they emerge from painful places into happiness again.

If you are anything like me, you probably don’t particularly enjoy feeling sad, anxious, depressed, lonely, angry or fearful, but you can also see how your very awareness of these states has created a more compassionate, loving, giving, gentle, kind, caring person living right inside your own skin.

Because you have first felt pain, you are aware of the pain in the people around you.

Because you have struggled, you can extend compassion – and respect – to others when they struggle.

Because you have experienced personal weakness, you can encourage loved ones to use weakness as a tool to strengthen and grow.

Because you have endured loss, you can extend a hand of comfort to grieving people just with your presence and listening ears.

Because you have been afraid, you can encourage others who are anxious or fearful that they are not alone.

Because you are still here, learning and growing and stretching yourself through all of the ups and downs and in-betweens of life, you can offer your hope to those caught in a dark valley that the sun is absolutely waiting for them just over that next mountain peak.

You ARE aware. You are awake. You are alive.

Just by waking up again each morning and choosing to get out of bed, you are supporting each and every other hurting person in this world to dig down deep and find that last particle of strength to do the same.

It is an honor to know you. This month, may you realize as well that it is an honor to BE you.

With great respect and love,


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