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Archives for February, 2013

Good News

You Are Aware

This month's edition of "Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery" is now available and I wanted to share the inspiring message with you here in honor of NEDAwareness Week 2013 (February 24-March 2). I hope you enjoy it!

You Are Aware

If there is one thing I have actually managed to learn well over the past 42 years, it is that my struggles, more than anything else, are...
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National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is Here

It is that time again. Thank goodness. Each year, the National Eating Disorders Association spearheads a nationwide, growing movement to put eating disorders on everyone's radar. For some of us, we already know all about eating disorders. Perhaps we (me) have recovered from one. Or we know someone who is struggling to recover. Or we know someone who struggled but didn't make it. Or we know someone who struggled and did...
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What Emotions and Cravings Have in Common

For years I have been subscribing to a correspondence course that focuses on different aspects of self-care and self-improvement.

I like to save the lessons. Sometimes I also like to go back and read them years later. When I do this I often discover they are just as fresh and insightful as they were when I first received them (which either means I haven't learned anything or they are timeless. Personally, I prefer the latter interpretation).

Recently I...
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Book Mentors

Lovesick Maidens

Recently my mom loaned me a book called "Peony in Love". The title sounded vaguely familiar, but included as it was in a stack of other book club books she had recently finished with, I didn't pay it too much mind initially.

Later, I was hunting around for something good to read and I rediscovered it. The first thing that fascinated me was that the author, Lisa See, was a Caucasian woman but all her books (excepting...
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Love is Not a Verb

Today is Valentine's Day. Again.

In years past this hasn't exactly been my favorite holiday, but this year I am endeavoring to change my association with its inevitable annual arrival to one which emits more, um, positive vibes.

On that subject, I recently read a very interesting piece about love. It challenged everything I thought I knew about the subject (which, judging from past romantic relationships, isn't much). Anyway, in the past, some articles I have read seemed...
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Shannon Cutts

Head Knowledge Versus Heart Knowledge

I will admit I do know the difference between listening to my head and listening to my heart.

But that doesn't mean I remember this distinction when crisis moments strike. I was telling a friend the other day that, while I don't believe my mind has independent intelligence and is out to get me, I do find it distressing how frequently it takes the "glass half empty" approach.

My mentor is continually reminding me that I will know...
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You Deserve Better Part 2

A week or so ago I wrote a post called "You Deserve Better". In this post, I shared that I struggle when people who love me say to me, "You deserve better". The post was an attempt to comprehend why I struggle, and of course to get your thoughts as I always love to do.

Recently I had an aha moment - an additional revelation...
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When Hard Times Come

Each and every day is an unknown. Sometimes I am in awe that we wake up and jump (or in my case crawl) out of bed so casually, when absolutely anything could happen. We have no guarantee that all will be well, that anything we expect to happen will happen, or that everything we hope to avoid won't happen. We risk a lot, putting on our clothes and shoes, getting into our cars,...
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