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Archives for October, 2012

Good News

You Can Be HAPPY

The newest edition of "Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery" has just been released. I wanted to share this timely pre-holiday message with you here as well, since the holidays are often a time when happiness can feel less like a choice and more dependent on circumstances or other people than at any other time of year.

I hope you enjoy it and find...
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Celebrity Mentors

You Always Have a Choice

"You always have a choice".

This is a phrase that has been resounding in my ears for YEARS.

I am not saying it is a phrase I have agreed with for years. That part has only gradually started to unfold over the last year or two. But it is definitely a phrase I have been hearing for years from books, articles, friends, and most importantly (and often) from mentors.

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Craving Quiet

Many people I know enjoy the continual companionship of sound.

Whether it is the sound of their favorite music CD, a television program, a pet barking (or, as the case may be, meowing or chirping), a roommate, or other sound source, sound is a near-constant, welcome presence for many.

But not for me. I crave quiet.

I crave quiet the way my bird, Pearl, craves shiny things. To me, silence is its own form of sound,...
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The Cool Thing About Conflict

I can't honestly say that I have yet met a person who loves conflict.

Even the scrappiest folks - the one who seem to just draw disagreements to themselves - will, when entering into a discussion of conflict, concur that it quite simply sucks.

So if we all loathe conflict, and we are all trying our best to avoid it like we avoid root canals and cleaning out the garage, then...
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The Hunt for Equipoise

It is a terrible (or wonderful, depending on which day you catch me) irony that I have a life filled with change.

Because I also have an equal and opposite unquenchable desire for order and stability in my life.

Here is my problem in a nutshell: whenever I have experienced brief periods of order and stability, I have quickly grown complacent and, sad to say, bored. But during my much more frequent periods of daily changeability, which...
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Everybody Has Something

From a mentoring perspective, I have always puzzled a bit over the insistence upon labeling the different types of human struggles.

I do understand that from a treatment perspective, it is very important to know whether a person is struggling with an eating disorder or cancer, a breakup or nearsightedness. What is not as clear to me is why some types of struggles seem to generate so much compassion, empathy and support from others while others...
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The Suprising Truth About Success, Part One

This morning I was pondering a recent move to a new home.

I am in love with my new casa. The space feels so good and so homey already (despite the total lack of furniture). I love the place, and it appears to love me back.

Pearl. The winner of the "best pet ever" contest for the 11th year in a row (she first won when she was still in the egg).

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