Today we’re taking a brief posting break from our exploration of my fav new article, “15 Powerful Things Happy People Do Differently,” to bring you this month’s inspiring message from Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery – I hope you enjoy it!

You Can – and WILL – Figure It Out

We can't. But we can. And we ARE. Sometimes all that is needed is to recognize how our process works and trust THAT to lead us through.

I will admit it.

To this day, I still get flustered by the unknown, the unexpected, and pretty much anything else with an “un” attached to the front of it.

You’d think by now I would have figured out that what the card I carry in my wallet says is actually true  –

Everything really is alright.

But clearly I haven’t. So instead I follow the routine:

Freak. Run. Cower. Hide. Repeat if the scary thing is still there.

And yet I am doing it. I AM.

You ARE.

We have loads – I mean TONS – of evidence in even our most recent past that we can, will, and do eventually figure it out….whatever “it” is. It may take the time it takes, and we may have to follow our own unique (and, frankly, sometimes unpleasant) routine to get there, but it will get done. We DO get it done.

Our choices are also surprisingly and reliably simple. We can accept the situation as-is. We can accept the situation conditionally and take action to make some adjustments. We can hang back and wait and see. We can actively walk away.

When we really stop to think about it, we get through everything life presents us with in one of these four ways. And we DO get through it.

Every. Single. Bit. Of. It.

I should know. I’ve been doing it this way – shockingly – successfully – for 41 years now.

I still have trouble sensing the presence of success hidden in there sometimes, and even more trouble believing it is real, but I am also aware enough these days to realize that the trouble exists solely in my survival-focused (and thus necessarily judgment-laden) mind.

In my LIFE, I have all the evidence I need that I am okay. It really is okay.

It really IS okay. You can – and WILL – and ARE – figuring it out.

Even as you are reading this now.

With great respect, love, and a great big virtual HUG of support,


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Today’s Takeaway: Where are you missing out on a celebration of how you are SUCCEEDING in your own life for a sheer failure to realize this is true? How might shifting your focus from the process – perhaps the fear you feel, or the hesitation or self-doubt, or the desire for reaching the goal which makes every step feel excruciating – over to the actual progress itself, increase your sense of self-confidence AND your enjoyment of reaching each goal you set for yourself?