Sometimes our trustworthiness shines through when we persevere in life and it earns us a gold star or the grand prize. But sometimes we only realize how amazingly trustworthy we truly are when everything we love or believe in crashes down, and we stand by our own side anyway. In either case, we CAN trust and we ARE amazing. Period, the end.

The most recent edition of “Good News for Eating Disorders Recovery,” my indie support ezine, has just been released, and I wanted to share the inspiring message with my peeps here as well – and wish you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend as I do so!

You CAN Trust

For some reason (okay, many reasons) I’ve been contemplating trust lately.

I have struggled and struggled to feel trust in my life – with situations, with other people, but most of all with me.

Sometimes it has felt like I even understand love, ultimate mystery that it is, better than I understand trust.

But then (just a few days ago actually) I realized something.

They are the same.

In order for love to be love, and not desire or some other equally unwelcome substitute, it must be felt unconditionally.

Trust is the same way.

In order for trust to be trust, it has to be felt whether the thing or person (ourselves or someone else) being trusted behaves in a trustworthy manner or not.

In other words, the trust is not in getting what we want or avoiding what we do not want. Rather, the trust is in trusting we will get through it – with the totality of our precious and unrepeatable human-beingness intact – whether we get what we want or avoid what we do not want….or not.

You know that old adage about how if you love something or someone, you must let it go, and if it comes back to you, that is how you know it is meant for you?

Trust has the exact same quality.

Which is why (this is so perfect – can’t believe it took me 41 years to figure this out!) trusting ourselves is so innate to everything that we are.

It is a part of who we are. It IS who we are.

Trust is who I am.

It is who you are.

No matter what happens – or doesn’t – I just keep coming back to me.

You keep showing up for YOU in your own life, moment by moment, day after day, and whether you even think or realize you are doing it or not.

Which proves – in the most incontrovertible way – that you CAN trust…, your life, you in your life.

Because you already do.

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