Taylor is in the middle. She is Bella's owner.

I have been traveling quite a bit to different campuses and organizations over the last few months (spring is always a busy time for me with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week falling in February or March annually).

This spring, as with every spring, I have met a lot of inspiring people. The standouts? A young woman who raised her hand when I asked the participants if any one of them had nothing they wished to change about themselves (this has never happened during a “Beauty Undressed” event before), the young daughter of a campus event coordinator who told me all about her pet hedgehog named Bella, and the group of Tri-Sigmas who gave me a glimpse into what my Mom must have been like as a founding Tri-Sigma member in her college years.

Me (left front row) with the Tri-Sigmas

Each time I head out on a trip, I bring along with me all the new information I’ve soaked in about how to best approach, meet, and make friends with ourselves.

Since I only typically travel during the spring and fall seasons (I follow the college calendar pretty closely most years) that leaves summer and winter break to catch up on great books, movies, and ideas that have been stacking up on my “home again” lists.

This trip, I brought along with me some jaw-dropping information on the differences between extroverts and introverts, courtesy of author Susan Cain’s new book, “Quiet.” As an introvert myself (I write more about “Quiet” in “The Power of Quiet“), I was first shocked and then quickly delighted to meet myself, more authentically than I ever have in my life, in the pages of this book, which was written by a woman I’ve never met.

Not only did reading “Quiet” help me to get to know and then accept myself in a new way and at a deeper level than I have ever been able to access before (especially when factoring in our current culture’s clear bias towards the more extroverted personality type, which Cain calls the “Extrovert Ideal”), but I was also able to better understand, accept and appreciate my more extroverted friends and family members.


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