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Archives for May, 2012

Book Mentors

The Good News Is, You CAN Trust

[caption id="attachment_2813" align="alignright" width="293" caption="Sometimes our trustworthiness shines through when we persevere in life and it earns us a gold star or the grand prize. But sometimes we only realize how amazingly trustworthy we truly are when everything we love or believe in crashes...
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Celebrity Mentors

Mentoring: A Gem in the Recovery Toolbag

For this post I wanted to share a blog-versation between myself and my dear friend and colleague June Alexander.

June is quite literally one of the most inspiring women and mentors I know. She recovered after a four-decade battle with an eating disorder, and as a grandmother has gone on to author not one, not two, not...
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Book Mentors

Meeting You: Part One

I have been traveling quite a bit to different campuses and organizations over the last few months (spring is always a busy time for me with National Eating Disorders Awareness Week falling in February or March annually).

This spring, as with every spring, I have met a lot of inspiring people. The standouts? A young woman who raised her...
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Animal Mentors

Attitude as a Mentor

Often when I am presenting at a college or organization, I spend a few minutes working with the participants in a guided exercise to demonstrate the power of our own minds when setting and achieving goals.

Our own attitude - which is approximately 50% genetic and 50% learned behavior - wields a powerful influence.

Our attitude is formed by a thought meeting a feeling, or vice versa. In other words, it...
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Me Versus My Idea of Me

This is an interesting concept that I've been pondering more and more in recent months.

Nearly a year ago, I hired a life coach. I had a variety of reasons for making this decision.

Now, looking back over the past several months, I have to say I really appreciate me for giving...
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