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Archives for March, 2012

Celebrity Mentors


When I was in college I wanted to be in the FBI.

Yup, that is right. The Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The gal my parents nicknamed "our little flower" wanted to be a pistol packing, trained and dangerous government official.

Looking back now, I think I was just clearly what I really wanted was to simply marvel at others (real or fictitious) who have...
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Animal Mentors

“Human” Behavior

I was talking with a friend this past weekend about how easily studying nature can take us back to basics.

My friend mentioned how animals are motivated by instinct - the instinct to eat, to rest, to reproduce. Things seem much simpler in the animal kingdom with no pesky frontal lobe to interfere with their instinct-based decisions.

Then again, at the risk of anthropomorphizing (or giving animals qualities that are typically only associated with humans -...
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Book Mentors

Dragon Tattoo Power

My landlady and I have had our differences over the years, so when she loaned me the first book in the Dragon Tattoo series, I accepted it more as a mutually desired peace offering than with any real literary enthusiasm.

Truth be told, I was scared of the books. I have a phobia about serial killers (unfortunately realized a good 100 "Medium" episodes too late) and I knew full good and well the book was...
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Why We Do What We Do

I am often asked this question.

"So, Shannon, why do you 'do what you do'?"

As soon as I figure out that the asker is referring to my work with MentorCONNECT, and not my odd jogging gait or my thoroughly unexceptional (and sometimes scary) culinary skills, I quickly answer:

"Because recovered people matter."

There is a lot more...
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Celebrity Mentors

A Beautiful Burnout

As a recovery professional (if there is such a thing) I work in an exceptionally service-oriented industry.

The folks I have the great good fortune to know, serve with, and become close friends with are literally the most inspiring people I know. Period. I mean -...
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Shannon Cutts

Knowing When to Unplug

The truth is, there are very few human beings left in westernized countries who have not yet become acquainted with the wonders of technology.

Whether you are an early adopter (like pretty much everyone I know) or a late adopter (like techno-challenged...
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