Snowball, Animal Planet star. Photo courtesy of Irena Schulz and Bird Lovers Only (

Outside of a few celebrities (Kate Winslet, Jamie Lee Curtis, Adele and Liv Tyler come to mind) who are adamant that they love their curves and plan to maintain them, finding visible role models who genuinely seem to like their bodies is an ongoing challenge.

Which is why sometimes I turn to non-humans for inspiration.

Take Snowball, for instance.

Talk about a positive body image mentor!

Snowball is a young sulfur crested cockatoo.

He was dropped off at the Bird Lovers Only bird shelter by his frustrated former owner, who couldn’t deal with the well-publized “terrible twos” that cockatoos and other large birds often go through.

But Snowball’s owner also left a DVD with the bird, and instructed shelter co-owners Charles & Irena Schulz to make sure to pop it in and watch what happened next.

What happened next was that the couple discovered that Snowball realllllllyyyyy likes the Backstreet Boys.

And that “rocking his body” was a favorite pastime that he enjoys with any song that has a rockin’ beat.

How often do we not rock our bodies – whether in the outfits we select, the way we hold ourselves in social settings, or our seeming inability to tear our eyes away from every reflective surface we pass by?

Check it out. For more than four straight minutes, Snowball demonstrates his feathery dance moves, without one hint of body shame!

Snowball dances to “Rock Your Body”:

Today’s Takeaway: What can you take from watching Snowball shake it? How much fun would it be to hear a great beat and just go for it – regardless of what you are wearing, whether your shoes are suitable, or who is watching?