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Archives for February, 2012


You Deserve Kindness

One of the most difficult lessons I have had to learn in my ongoing quest to explore the fullness of who I can be free from shame, blame, guilt, disordered eating, alcohol abuse, anxiety, depression, codependence and all other manner of life-limiting activities is...
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Shannon Cutts

Is Body Love Possible?

I really think it is.

That does NOT mean I have it (body love) each and every day, by the way.

Nor have I any way of knowing whether even the most famous celebrity body-love advocates feel absolutely zero pressure from the thinness-focused culture we live in.

Nor is it really any business of mine whether they...
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Book Mentors

Circle of Stones

A friend and mentor of mine recently recommended a book to me.

The book is called Circle of Stones: Woman's Journey to Herself by Judith Duerk.

It is currently in its 15th anniversary of printing - so pretty popular, I would say.

While I tend to be a rather structured reader in the sense that I read from start-to-finish, chapter by chapter, assuming that is usually the most useful...
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Cruel to Be Kind

In this culture (that is, the Westernized image-focused culture that influences and envelopes most of the developed world today) we have developed a warped view of mentoring.

We are often I for one continue to believe that our ultimate goal is to be kind.

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Animal Mentors

Rock Your Body

Outside of a few celebrities (Kate Winslet, Jamie Lee Curtis, Adele and Liv Tyler come to mind) who are adamant that they love their curves and plan to maintain them, finding visible role models who genuinely seem to like their bodies is an ongoing challenge.

Which is why sometimes I turn to non-humans for inspiration.

Take Snowball, for instance.

Talk about...
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Celebrity Mentors

Mentoring That Will Kick Ed’s Booty

Thom Rutledge may be best-known to the eating disorders world these days as Jenni Schaefer's therapist, but Jenni is just one of literally hundreds of folks who credit Thom for life-saving guidance, mentoring, and support.

When I first published Beating Ana and launched MentorCONNECT, I was pretty starry-eyed around folks I considered to be "eating disorder celebrities."  So when I first...
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What We Aren’t Saying

When I turned 40 (one year and one month ago pretty much today) Woman's Day magazine just started arriving in my mailbox.

They knew.

In the mysterious ways of modern marketers, somehow they got an alert when another gal hit the big 4-0, and they were already prepared to deliver timely advice about reducing...
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