Yup. That's my pretty, pretty girl.

If you’ve been following “Mentoring & Recovery” for awhile, you’ve probably noticed I write a lot about my bird, Pearl.

Believe it or not, this is not just because she is the smartest, cutest, most entertaining avian on the planet.

Although she is all those things.

It is also because she is the prettiest.

This is not an opinion.

She knows it, and I know it.

And everyone else knows it the moment they meet her.

Still pretty.

In Pearl’s world, she is pretty. All the time. Even right after a birdie shower. First thing in the morning. Or after another failed attempt at flying, when she is laying on the floor, feathers splayed out in all kinds of inelegant directions.

In Pearl’s world, she has two best feet, and she puts them both forward all the time, because who she is delights her, and she is equally delighted to share herself with others.

Still very, very pretty.

Pearl is just a glass-half-full kinda gal. She has her own back. She likes herself – her reflection, her innermost thoughts, her preferences, her personality.

Pearl is pretty until proven otherwise.

And you will find, when you meet this pretty, pretty bird, that you will have to work awfully hard to prove otherwise.


Today’s Takeaway: We could all take a lesson from this 14 gram bundle of feathers. When you look in the mirror, is your default opinion “I am pretty”? When you go to take an exam or have a performance review at work, is your default opinion “I am smart and capable”? When you see your spouse, or are considering your interest in someone new, is your default opinion “I am desirable”? If not, what can you do to take a feather from Pearl’s cap and create a default self-opinion that is more welcoming and generous towards YOU?