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Archives for January, 2012


Why Moments Matter

Learning to live in the moment is no skill any child, pet, or insect has to learn.

It is the only skill they possess - the only one they know is possible.

This is also why pets, children, houseplants, and houseflies make such valuable mentors. Because we so easily tend...
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The Art of Emotional Release

If you are like most people (or at least like me) you probably struggle with certain emotions more than others.

For instance, with practice, I have gotten used to - habituated to, even - emotions like sadness and anxiety. But I still arm wrestle feelings of anger daily.

For me, anger is the no-no emotion.

For you, it might be...
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The Peculiar Vulnerability of Wanting

The key to unlocking our right and ability to embrace wanting is to understand what holds us back.

About five months ago, I made one of the smartest moves I've ever made and hired a life coach.

My life coach, Teya, is part therapist, part friend, part mentor, part cheerleader, and part (of course) coach.

This week, she said something so remarkable - I mean, she does that every week, but this week...
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Animal Mentors

Pretty Until Proven Otherwise

If you've been following "Mentoring & Recovery" for awhile, you've probably noticed I write a lot about my bird, Pearl.

Believe it or not, this is not just because she is the smartest, cutest, most entertaining avian on the planet.

Although she is all those things.

It is also because she is the prettiest.

This is not an opinion.

She knows it, and I know it.

And everyone else knows it...
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