One of the many traditional images used to express spirit.

Your “spirit.”

What the heck does that mean, anyway?

If you are of a religious bent, you may explain “spirit” in the terms of your faith background, such as “Holy Spirit” for Christians, or “Shakti” for Hindu traditions.

If you are not of a religious bent, your definition of spirit may be more ambiguous, and you may be more inclined to describe spirit as “connection,” “benevolent good” or “universal truth.”

If you are of neither a religious nor a spiritual bent, you may simply enjoy the obvious universality of certain basic life experiences, including emotion, thought, ambition, the desire for relationship, and other fundamental characteristics you appear to share with the beings living all around you.

The important element here is not to nail down your exact literal translation of what spirit means to you, but rather to learn to express how it feels within you.

If spirit feels like connection with those around you, you may find you get great joy and satisfaction out of volunteering or pursuing a career or hobby which provides lots of opportunities to grow closer to others.

If spirit feels like inner connection with a greater truth or good, you may enjoy spending time in solitary pursuits like journaling, contemplation, meditation, and walking in nature.

You may also greatly enjoy both.

If you find meaning and value in formal expressions of religion or spirituality, you may feel quite nourished, uplifted, and encouraged by participating in ceremonies such as services or classes with others who feel similarly.

I once met a gunmaker who told me that he had no use for churches, but he felt at one with God when he was walking in the sunny fields with his dog and his rifle by his side.

To each their own.

Taking care of your spirit requires just one thing of you: you must notice what moves you in positive ways and seek out more of it.

There is no right or wrong way (regardless of what you have been told or how you may have been raised) to feel, express, and live out your unique experience of YOUR spirit.

There is simply your way. And your one and only single task in order to learn how to take good care of your spirit is to find your way and live it.

Today’s Takeaway: Is what you are doing to take care or your spirit nourishing and encouraging you in the deepest way possible? Have you been considering exploring other avenues for spirit-expression? If so, why not take some time to do so now!