When it comes to self-care, where do we excel or fall short?

When I was younger, I always operated under the assumption that I was automatically doing everything wrong unless someone specifically told me otherwise.

I thought everyone around me had gotten the “how to be successful at life” manual and that whoever was handing them out a) ran out of copies before they got to me or b) assumed I was too stupid to understand it anyway and gave my copy to someone deemed more deserving.

The unnatural introversion caused by my eating disorder didn’t help any either, because I certainly wasn’t starting conversations with either friends or strangers to check out my theory.

That is why I thought, in preparation for what tends to be the most stressful season of the year whether you have an eating disorder or not, I would spend a few posts talking about what the manual hasn’t taught me but I’ve learned anyway about taking care of ourselves.

In this first post, all I’m going to tell you is that we have four major areas of responsibility when it comes to taking care of ourselves.

Those four major areas are:

  1. Our body
  2. Our brain/mind
  3. Our heart (relationships)
  4. Our spirit (connectedness)

Today’s Takeaway: For this first post, take a few minutes to evaluate how well you feel you are doing at taking care of yourself in each of these four areas. Make a note of areas where you may need to seek more information, or even help and guidance, to refine your efforts at self-care.