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Archives for November, 2011


Pledge to Support Recovery

Recovery comes in all shapes and sizes, all colors, all ages, both genders, and all lifestyles. My first mentor used to continually remind me, when I would get to whining about how my issues were "so different" than the issues of those around me (whom I was just sure were much better off regardless of what they might have...
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Celebrity Mentors

An Interview with Author, Speaker, and Mentor Cheryl Kerrigan

For this post I have the honor of introducing to you my dear friend and colleague (at MentorCONNECT) Cheryl Kerrigan.

Cheryl is an author, speaker, teacher, and mentor, but first and foremost she is a survivor of a decades-long battle with an eating disorder. "Telling Ed No" is her first book and is being released by Gurze Books this fall.

I encourage you to pick up a copy...
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My Mentor, My Friend

Mentoring and friendship can represent a fine line in the sand in the name of promoting a truly useful mentoring partnership.

I bring this up because I have noticed over the years in my own mentoring work how it can be difficult for mentees to grasp, especially in the early stages, what the important differences are between having a "mentor" and making a new "friend."

This is why I sometimes like...
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