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Archives for October, 2011


There Are No Mistakes in Mentoring

This statement may strike you as contrary to a whole host of possible mentoring scenarios that have "mistake" written all over them.

And yet the anonymous author of "Rules for Being Human" very clearly writes, in rule #3:

[caption id="attachment_1938" align="alignleft" width="166" caption="Where would we be...
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Shannon Cutts

Mental Health Day: The Salt Water Taffy Generation

Today is World Mental Health Day 2011.

It is a great day to remember that we live in what I like to call the salt water taffy generation.

It is quite possibly the most difficult generation to inhabit, at least for those of us in the mental health field, because we are caught right in the middle between where we’re coming from and where we’re going.

What I mean by this...
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Loving Your Reflection in Mentoring

I have spent the last two posts talking about my all-time favorite "mentoring manual," as I like to call it.

This short piece, composed by an author whose name remains unknown, and entitled simply, "Rules for Being Human," has done more to reassure and strengthen me for the journey yet ahead than probably any other single piece of literature I have ever read (and I LOVE to read).

For some reason, I started...
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