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Archives for July, 2011

Book Mentors

The Role of Death in Mentoring

Oh boy.

Here we go, right?

"The role of death in mentoring"? Will anyone even read this? Will they have nightmares?

I hope not.

In a previous post I shared that, for the last couple of months, I have been training to become a hospice volunteer. One of our assignments was to read a book called "Final Gifts."

This book, written by hospice...
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Celebrity Mentors

Finding the Weathervane in Mentoring

I have learned lately that life itself rarely gets easier.

But our ease with life's hard times can.

When I was younger I had a fascination with comparative religion. I was just sure that the cure for it all (whatever "it" happened to be that day) would be found in a power higher and wiser than myself.

Later I had a crisis of faith and opted to go for a time without any and see how it felt....
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Shannon Cutts

Mentoring and the Big Kayak Lesson

First of all, I was not born to kayak.

If we are being accurate, I was not born to do any sport I have yet discovered. Except perhaps yoga, and then only if we disregard the pulled muscle in my back, my aching left knee, and that mysterious shooting pain in my right hip joint.

My parents used to call me "their...
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