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Party in My Head

This is one party where the masks are better left at home

When I first heard about the APA’s (American Psychological Association) Mental Health Blog Party, I thought, “Wha?!?”

A blog party. That part was confusing enough.

About mental health?

And I thought there was bickering in my head about meanings before.


A Mental. Health. Blog. PARTY.

I decided I had to check this out.

I learned that apparently, some folks still don’t feel comfortable discussing mental health.

I guess, moving in the circles I do, I find it all too easy to forget this.

In my world, talking about mental health and talking about physical health are one and the same. After all, my brain, mind, and body all share space within the same skin-covered container I call home.

Like quarreling siblings, over the years, through time, eventual maturity, and sheer overexposure, they are slowly learning to get along, and even appreciate each other’s unique perspective.

Mental health – that degree of equanimity, wholeness, joy, acceptance, willing effort, and self-compassion that I can bring to my own table in the course of an average day – is every bit as critical to my wellbeing as the health of my physical body.

When I am feeling physically unwell, I go see a doctor. Or I stay home and rest.

When I am feeling mentally unwell, I do the same.

It is not rocket science – at least in my world.

Now, 31 years ago in 1980 when I first developed an eating disorder (18 years before the Diagnostic Standards Manual, the diagnostic “bible” mental health professionals refer to when diagnosing mental illness, added “eating disorders” to the list of available diagnoses) I wasn’t this egalitarian in addressing issues of dis-ease in mind versus body.

Far from it.

Neither was anyone else around me, come to think of it.

But today…..well, today we just have to ask “so what’s our excuse?”

Mental illness happens. It happened to me. It happens to you. We all have days we feel depressed, anxious, sad, chaotic, angry, or generally ill at ease.

If it persists, we can seek treatment. We can reach out for help. We can talk about it, blog about it, read about it.

Today we have so many resources, and so much support. Suffering in silence and secrecy should, can, and will be a thing of the past….if we will allow it to be.

Today’s Takeaway: Log on to the American Psychological Association’s Your Mind Your Body website to read more about the Mental Health Blog Party going on NOW. Then join in!

Party in My Head

Shannon Cutts

Freelance writer. Author. Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise & box turtle mama.

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