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Archives for February, 2011


What Will Your “One Thing” Be?

Mentoring is a gift that gives in equal measure to both giver and receiver. By giving in small ways, each and every day, we give so receive even more.

This is why I love the message of this year's National Eating Disorders Awareness Week - that we can each do "just one thing" to raise awareness of eating disorders.

This message recognizes that we have busy lives. It recognizes that we may already be doing many...
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Shannon Cutts

Alison Smela: Why Recovery is Possible at Any Age!

For this post we welcome guest blogger Alison Smela.

Alison and I met through a mutual friend and colleague. We share the same passion for mentoring and "paying it forward" to make a difference in the lives of those who struggle with eating disorders. She currently serves as a mentor with MentorCONNECT and is also the leader of our 40 Something! Group and our Public Relations Director.

We are also fast friends. In...
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Celebrity Mentors

Troy Roness, Male Eating Disorders Mentor and Activist

Troy Roness is an inspiring role model for any person who is struggling to recover from an eating disorder.

For that matter, he is equally inspiring for recovered persons as well.

Since his own recovery from an eating disorder, Troy has maintained a ceaseless effort to support and encourage recovering persons, and to continually advocate for better treatment and care for all who struggle.

Troy currently serves as the inaugural United States...
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Shannon Cutts

Males, Eating Disorders, and Mentoring

Eating disorders are widely considered to be a female disease.

Those of you who are reading this post and are knowledgeable about eating disorders are thinking, "oh, no they're not."

But the vast majority of the population still regards eating disorders as a female disease. This includes many general medical practitioners.

You might be surprised to learn how many males with eating disorder symptoms are told by their family doctor, "you can't...
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Book Mentors

Feeling our Feelings in Mentoring

Along the path to self-transformation, self-evolution, or recovery (whichever name we prefer to use) we will encounter many feelings. Depending on our perspective, those feelings can look like sharp mountainous boulders, or glittering precious gems.

Or we may choose to see only the "uplifting" feelings - like joy, happiness, love, comfort, peace - as gems, and the "depressing" feelings -...
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