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Archives for January, 2011


Reaching Out on the Road to Recovery

What is the one thing that seems to consistently cause the most trouble on the road to recovery?


How hard is this to do? Not very - in theory.

How hard is this to do in practice? VERY hard.

"Ed" (our eating disorder) does not want us to reach out. In our minds, we are worthless, helpless, hopeless, without.

In reality, we are priceless, courageous, trailblazers, warriors.
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Celebrity Mentors

Mentoring and Recovered. Period. With Author Jenni Schaefer

This month we have our long-awaited interview with recovery expert Jenni Schaefer.

Author of "Life Without Ed" and "Goodbye Ed, Hello Me", Jenni is a much-beloved and sought-after speaker, mentor.

In this interview, she shares her insights about her own experiences of being mentored, mentoring others, and learning to fall in love with life. Thanks, Jenni, for visiting us here at "Mentoring and Recovery".

1. In Goodbye Ed, Hello Me, there is an...
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Mentoring’s Power and Potential

A successful mentoring partnership, like any successful relationship, must necessarily find its own rhythm and function over time. Some mentoring partnerships begin as linear connections for one specific purpose: "get a promotion at work," "start a new business," "strengthen our marriage," "recover from my eating disorder."

The goal - at first at least - is so clear. We want help to (fill in the...
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Celebrity Mentors

Paying It Forward in Mentoring

Here we continue the wonderful two-part Nourishing the Soul interview regarding my work in eating disorders mentoring. Special thanks to the blog publisher, Ashley Solomon, PsyD, for such a great resource!

Welcome back for Part II of this inspirational interview with author, advocate, and musician, Shannon Cutts. In Part I, Shannon shared how relationships replace eating disorders....
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