I was out walking the other day. It was a gorgeous, sunshine-y day. The pavement was nice and dry. The pathway was clear, just me and….wait a minute.

Nope, I wasn’t alone. There were two of us.

The butterfly is in there....somewhere

Me and the little scrunchy, bunchy, wildly unattractive butterfly-to-be.

I knelt down, peered closer.

Where is it? Are we sure – just positive – that it’s in there?

The caterpillar was sure. It just kept scrunching and bunching its way along the path, happy in the not-too-scorching fall sunlight, steadily progressing toward safety and, at some point, transformation.

Now I know that caterpillar-to-butterfly stories are way overdone in recovery communities, and I also am all-too-aware that if I were reading this particular post rather than writing it, I might be yawning and stirring my mouse clicker right about now.

But have you ever stopped to look – I mean really LOOK – at one of those many-legged, aerodynamically-shaped yet unbelievably slow creatures as they scrunch along, making their way towards….somewhere?

I hadn’t.

So I peered and looked. Stared and squinted. Examined and, obviously, shot a couple of blurry photos with my crappy blackberry phone camera.

It was in there. Somewhere. The butterfly.

Where do the wings fit? How does the caterpillar know for certain? Does it ever have a doubt – “what if I’m the only caterpillar that didn’t get the butterfly installation?” “What if I have to stay this way forever?”

For that matter, do WE ever doubt – that it’s in there?

Courtesy of my best friend, I happen to know that elementary school teachers are so certain there is a butterfly inside of every caterpillar that they put the “butterfly project” on the agenda for each school year.

No doubts there.

This is our reality

We are so certain – blase even – about the caterpillar’s eventual, undeniable, unstoppable transformation.

Why, then, is it so difficult to believe in our own?

Today’s Takeaway: Just for today, contemplate your dreams of the “you that you could be.” If only. Right? In that “if only” there is certainty. Reality. In the vision is the structure. The caterpillar doesn’t doubt it. You have that same right – to believe with utter certainty of your own transformation yet ahead. And soon.