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Mentoring’s Urban Tumbleweed

For many years of my life, I felt conspicuously out of place.

I was just sure that everybody around me was totally fixated on the outfit I had chosen, how I had styled my hair, that noticeable blemish on my forehead, my black socks and blue shoes….you name it, I was sure everyone else was noticing it.

Which you and I both know they weren’t.

Those other folks – the ones I was so convinced were following my every move – they didn’t have time to keep up with me. They were too busy fixating on their own every move to have time to take note of mine as well.

People are people. We all fixate. None of us blend. We all fit in – or none of us do. We are all “normal”….or none of us are.

Or, like my bluegrass-loving dad used to tell us when we’d make a mistake on stage, “just do it twice – the audience will think you meant to play it like that.”

I wish it hadn’t taken so many years of my life to realize that Dad was right.

After work the other day I went for my usual turn or two around my neighborhood. I enjoy walking to clear my head, and also sometimes I see the strangest things.

the urban tumbleweed

Like this, for instance.

I know what you’re thinking – exactly what I was thinking as I gazed at it.

“What is it?”

Took me a few minutes, but I finally figured it out.

Aha….it’s an urban tumbleweed. Sitting there ever so calmly, just like it belongs. Acting as if there are dozens more just like it, when in reality, in all the years I’ve lived in this neighborhood, I’ve never seen its duplicate.

But the tumbleweed didn’t care. Clearly it belonged – because it was there.

We can learn so much from the simplest lessons in the world we all share together.

We all belong. Because we are all here.

Today’s Takeaway: Where have you been spending precious time and energy criticizing yourself, doubting your right to be who and where you are, as you are? Imagine for a moment how it would feel to take a page out of the little urban tumbleweed’s book and just show up for your life, unapologetically, as you.

Mentoring’s Urban Tumbleweed

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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