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Mentoring One Moment at a Time

Mentoring, like life, happens one moment at a time.

Sounds like a cliche, right?

That, as I am finding out, is exactly the problem.

This is what I feel like, some days!

I live in a world surrounded by technology I barely understand, that moves much faster than I do, and never sleeps (which basically amounts to the ultimate “hmmm,” considering I now serve as Executive Director for a web-based mentoring community!)

The fact is that technology, unlike human beings, doesn’t take one step at a time, it takes many steps. Technology doesn’t happen one moment at a time, it lumps many moments into one.

Which I think is why, with more ways to stay connected than ever before, there are many days that the opportunity for connection can start to feel almost intrusive rather than nurturing.

When this happens,  I have noticed that I attempt to disconnect simply to seek a moment of peaceful down-time. This in and of itself is natural, self-protective….yet damaging if, in so doing, I also disconnect from ME.

When I disconnect from me, I miss my life. My life is going on right NOW, in this moment, even as I type. Word by word, breath by breath, thought by thought, I live IN each moment, whether I am aware of it or not.

You do too. We all do.

Since my surgery last month (which as you can imagine has given me plenty of unscheduled contemplation time) I have also begun to notice how I characterize individual moments as “good” or “bad” determined by what activity I am pursuing in that moment, versus my awareness of being IN each moment, as me.

My beautiful bird, Pearl

“Filing” = bad. “Playing with Pearl, my bird” = good. “Sleep” = good. “Taking out trash” = bad.

In reality, like choosing to stay sick or choosing to recover, choosing to rest or to overdo it, “good” or “bad” is all in our perspective. I am in each moment. Each moment is another moment of my life. I can choose to mentor myself through each moment, or fight against some moments and embrace others.


I have decided, post-surgery, that I would like to try mentoring myself full-time. To do this, I have started noticing when I am dreading a moment (or that moment’s task, at least), and I take my focus OFF of the task and place it back on ME in that moment.

I remind myself that I am here. I am breathing. I am living. I can enjoy faxing/washing dishes/cleaning out bird cages/whatever it may be, if not for the task itself, than for the mere fact that I am in it, alive, as me.

So far, so good. I am happier, calmer, peaceful, even as the restless ocean of tasks & technology continues to wash upon and over my shores, night and day, without ceasing.

Today’s Takeaway: So what do you think? Can you relate? This blog probably sounds a bit like rambling (in fact, writing it felt a bit like rambling 🙂 but I’d love to hear your experiences as well! Does it make any difference whether you focus on the task to be done or you doing it? Do you catch yourself labeling moments of your life as “good” or “bad” too? Does it help to change your focus? Let me know – we’ll learn together!

Mentoring One Moment at a Time

Shannon Cutts

Parrot, tortoise & box turtle mama. Writer. Author. Mentor. Champion of all people (and things) recovered and recovering.

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