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Strengthening the Voice of the Inner Mentor

Recently I read a great article on a site called The site and its programs are run by two inspiring women, Jane Shure, PhD. and Beth Weinstock, PhD.

These two thought leaders believe that we can learn how to “turn down” the voice of what they call our “inner critic,” and learn to “turn up” the voice of what they call our “inner coach.”

I absolutely LOVE this concept…for obvious reasons.

So I thought I would share their list of ideas for strengthening the voice of the inner coach, or mentor, with you here:

Strengthening The Voice of An Inner Coach

  1. Think of a success in your life and identify your qualities that contributed to making it a success.
  2. Name these qualities as leadership skills.
  3. When something doesn’t go well, find a way to tell yourself what you can learn and what you might do differently next time.
  4. When something goes well, congratulate yourself and identify which of your skills contributed to your success.
  5. Listen to your self-talk-the automatic internal voices in your head. Hear what it says to you. Is it a positive message, or a negative one?
  6. Interrupt your self-talk when it is negative and find something more positive to say to yourself.
  7. Create an image of a positive Inner Coach (Think about the people in your life who have played that role).
  8. Bring this image to mind several times a day and practice hearing it say encouraging messages to you.
  9. Challenge yourself to take more risks and express your leadership self – deliberately take a stand, speak up, choose to take the lead when an opportunity shows up.
  10. Remind yourself that you are practicing new skills and that we get stronger as we keep learning.

I think these are comprehensive enough to be Today’s Takeaway journal assignment!

As always, I would also love to hear from you about what works from this list (or other lists you may keep for yourself) to shush the inner critic and boost the inner coach’s empowering, supportive volume in your head, heart, and spirit!

Strengthening the Voice of the Inner Mentor

Shannon Cutts

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