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Archives for September, 2010


Fat Talk Free Week: A Chance to Mentor Each Other

My friend and colleague Dr. Carolyn Becker is one of the most inspiring women I know.

She is the co-author of Reflections: Body Image, an evidence-based curriculum which scientifically proves that when women come together to support one another in attaining and maintaining healthy body image, we can break through the culture bias against curves and learn to embrace, talk, and walk a body-love counter culture.

Given my own work with MentorCONNECT,...
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Celebrity Mentors

Adding Mentoring to the Recovery Toolkit: An interview with Jen Nardozzi, PsyD

Jen, you are a true inspiration to me, and have been a voice of wisdom and a mentor to me in many ways ever since we first met. Today you are the National Training Manager for the Renfrew Center, and have the awesome challenge and opportunity to mentor women all over the country coordinating Renfrew’s Alumni program. You also do a lot of work teaching other women to step...
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Establishing Trust in Mentoring

When I go to get my bird, Pearl, out of her cage, she always comes willingly. No matter where we are – at the vet, at the boarder’s, in the car, or at home, she hops right on my finger and allows me to lift her out of the safety of her cage.

Why does she do this?

Because she trusts me.

A mentoring relationship is a relationship like any...
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How to Be a Good Mentee

In a previous post we talked about the important characteristics that you should look for in a mentor. The definition of a mentor, as you may recall, is “a trusted guide who has knowledge and experience in a certain area, and is willing and able to share it.”

So it then follows that the definition of a mentee should be “a person in...
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