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Archives for August, 2010

Shannon Cutts

Mentoring as a Path to Self-Kindness

What does the world look like through kindness-colored sunglasses? I woke up this morning craving kindness.



Not to mention a far cry from the things I used to wake up craving, like self-annihilation.

Higher bed frames so I could make my permanent home underneath mine.

Or at least a large bag of potato chips.

There were many days I craved depression, when anxiety’s high speed chases left me worn and weary.

Other days, I craved anxiety,...
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Shannon Cutts

How a mentor can help you tell recovery fact from fiction

The leaf-sandshark I looked down at my feet and there it was.

A tiny sandshark.

My (obviously equally tiny) brain was suddenly gridlocked in processing.

Sandshark. On concrete. Far away from any water, salt, or sand.

How could this be?

The next thing I knew, a thousand tiny neurons fired up their guns to come to the exact same conclusion at the exact same time.

“Shannon, it’s not a sandshark. It’s a leaf.”
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Shannon Cutts

How to Become a Mentor

One of our wonderful readers recently posted a question that I wanted to explore together in more detail.

She wrote: I was wondering how you become a mentor? I have had friends and relatives refer some of their friends to me when they have needed help and guidance, and I have received good feedback from the people I have worked with. They have said that...
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Mentoring as a Structure and Theme for Life

The strange structure - what is it? I woke up much earlier this week to a strange structure in my neighbor’s backyard.

I studied it, trying to figure out what it could be.

A shower? A bathroom? A closet? Or perhaps a tiny garden gazebo?

Like a small wooden UFO, it simply appeared, and has been parked there quietly ever since.

Now, there is a small house under construction just across the way....
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Becoming willing to be mentored

NOT what I am aspiring
I don’t follow directions well.

Let’s take cooking for example. I don’t need to watch Hell’s Kitchen because I go there every day. After all these years I have not yet cured myself of the irresistible impulse to skim a set of recipe instructions, nod my head sagely, and counsel myself, “well, let’s get started then – how hard could it be?”

Quite hard, and quite often, as it turns out,...
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Shannon Cutts

Mentoring, Recovery and YOU

Circa 2001: Me with my long-time (and sometimes long-suffering) wonderful mentor to this day, Lynn

We are all recovering from something.

Life. Love. Lack. Loss.

Not to mention all those big and small “oops” moments that linger long after we’ve fled the scene.

But through it all – in the midst of it all even - we rarely (and actually never, I suspect) are without help.

Better yet, most often it is not even a matter of locating a...
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