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Misplaced Creativity (and how to send it back where it belongs)

My creative kitchen, full of wonderful inventive items I love dearly.

It would seem I can't resist developing a relationship with everything in my life.

From the coffeemaker (most wonderful BFF EVER!) to the dustpan and broom to the small cute stuffed sheep that sits on my bedside table, these aren't just "things" in my life.

They are mirrors. They are parts of I am a part of each of them.

Part of why I feel so...
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We Are Hard-Wired for Kindness….Or Are We?

My wonderful bicycle, locked safely in the closed garage where it always stays between rides. But, of course, this won't help me one bit if I go out riding and the bike gang steals it out from under me!

According to Harry Reis, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, to be a homo sapiens is also to be predisposed towards kindness.

Unfortunately, I read about this study right after...
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Life Is Too Short to Wear Too-Tight Shorts

My beautiful fast-growing shelled girl digging in to yet another hearty meal!

Yup. I said it. Life is too short to wear too-tight shorts.

Those aren't just words, either. They are words I live by.

It doesn't matter how long I've owned a particular pair of shorts. Once that day comes when I pull them on (or attempt to) and parts of me immediately start lodging complaints, the shorts come right off again.

In fact, these days,...
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Animal Mentors

Why I Believe That Plants Are Healers

Some of the enthusiastic greenery that is thriving inside my turtles' enclosures (no thanks to me).

My mom is really good with plants. Of course, like many talented gardeners, she swears she is not at all good with plants.

But I know that she is. The reason I know this is because each time one of my plants dies, or seems close to dying, or simply starts to look interested in beginning to die,...
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Animal Mentors

Yes, I Love Goats (and Sheep, and Guinea Pigs)

The lovely little brown boy Abyssinian guinea pig I got to hold at the pet store.

I have a little "goat problem."

It actually started with sheep. I watched this documentary called "Addicted to Sheep." The documentary was filmed in rural England, which meant I didn't really understand anything the sheep keepers said.

But I watched the entire thing anyway, riveted, sucked in, snagged hook line and sinker by the adorable little furry...
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Good News

How to Know How Strong You Are (a hurricane Harvey story)

Only the partially submerged stop sign gives any indication this was once a very same street where I grew up!

In late August of this current year, (un)coincidentally just hours after hurricane Harvey had swept through my home city of Houston, TX, I encountered a new me.

She was much stronger than I expected she'd be.

She was kind , considering disaster struck so very swiftly and oh-so-very-close to home.

Here's what happened:

While my neighborhood...
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Animal Mentors

Seeking My Spirit Animal

Part of my ever-expanding home turtle one of these has a special story (including the little red not-turtle ladybug at the very end!).

When I googled "turtles " just now, this immediately popped up:

...the turtle is a symbol of longevity, endurance, persistence, and the continuation of life (sometimes against incredible odds). - Animal Symbolism

As I read further, the turtle started to sound less like a turtle (as in, the living,...
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Book Mentors

Potent Healing from an Unexpected Place

My precious avian, Pearl, poses with two of his mommy's new Dr. Weiss books!

I am an avid reader. This is likely no secret if you have read at least one post here.

I especially enjoy books about animals. I like learning about their preferences, habits, behaviors, feelings, thoughts and needs.

During the animal communication course I recently completed (more about that course in this blog post), the instructor mentioned a book...
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Animal Mentors

Forgiveness: the Stranger I Thought I Knew

My two-year-old red footed tortoise, Malti. She often has this sort of grumpy intense expression on her face, but I never once have taken it with some people I know!

Recently I realized that I'm not sure I have ever forgiven anyone, ever, for anything. And that includes myself.

This is not because I haven't tried, mind you. I have definitely tried.

It's just - all of a sudden I'm not sure I even...
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Animal Mentors

If You Believe In Something, Chase It

My parrot, Pearl, chases something he believes shiny, crinkly cover of Sy's book!

Lately, like for the past year or 10, I've been really keen to read about animals.

I like to read about all kinds of different animals - land and sea and sky and trees and underground animals - all are equally intriguing to me.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for, a closer connection with the natural world, or a...
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