My Second Lesson in Sufficiency

At the start of this year, I set the intention to spend the next 365 days studying, examining, being mentored by, and (hopefully) experiencing sufficiency....or, as "The Soul of Money" author Lynn Twist terms it, "enough."

On January 1 when I began my study, I only knew one fact about sufficiency: it is the opposite of scarcity.

Well, make that two facts: I also knew that I was already quite familiar with scarcity.

A couple weeks ago, I received (and blogged about) my first powerful lesson...
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Book Mentors

On Finding the Perfect Partner

One more topic I don't have to write about to learn

I just love writers.

It probably helps that I am a writer (which also perhaps makes me just the teensiest bit biased), but it is more than that.

Writers tackle and write about tough subjects I need to learn about.

When they do this, I don't have to do all that research and, well,...
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Celebrity Mentors

What It Feels Like When Your Inner Addict Starts to Die

Not so long ago, I finally joined Hulu's subscription program.

And not too long after that, I watched a program called "Amy Winehouse: A Last Goodbye."

I wasn't a huge fan while she was alive, mostly because I can't listen to music while I am writing, and I am writing most hours while I'm awake, and earning rent money wins out over my playlist about 100 percent of the time.

But on the rare occasions when I did...
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Animal Mentors

Chatting with Chickens

My welcome committee at this newest

The truth is, if it has feathers, I'm probably going to like it.

If it doesn't have feathers, I would probably like it better if we added some.

Even now as I type, I have a small bundle of feathers snoozing on my right knee (total bliss).

And every morning when I wake up - for about the last 5 years now - I...
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Animal Mentors

A Very Prickly Cactus

There it is, , grumpy and (clearly) indestructible.

I have this small dark green cactus that sits right outside my door.

Every day when I go outside to check on my turtles, I see it sitting there in its little green pot. Mostly I give it a wide berth.

But when I do go to touch it, whether to water it, move it out of the...
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Goals & Why I’m Giving Them Up

Starting January 1 of this year, I decided to set my intention towards sufficiency.

Specifically, I want to find my "enough" set point - that precise point (as "The Soul of Money" author Lynne Twist puts it) where I can live a life that has room for a bit of everything that matters most to me.

In other words, I don't want to spend all my time earn buy things (including rent)....which then requires earning more get the idea.

Recently I...
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