Our Fascination with the (Alleged) Soul

Two of my three curious and impatient flock mates eagerly vying for a tasty tidbit of scrambled eggs.

Imagine someone gives you a really great gift.

It's so great, and you know this because they tell you, "This is the greatest gift anyone will ever give you."

But then they say, "Now don't open it."

"What about just a little peek?," you inquire (sweetly).

"Nope - you can't look at it."

"Well when CAN I look at it?,"...
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Trying to be Loveful

My precious parrot, Pearl, offering his appreciation of the pretty parrot reflected in the shiny cover art for Kerry Egan's "On Living."

In the book I've been reading lately, "On Living" by Kerry Egan, she shares so many powerful stories - each story another parting gift from a hospice patient who literally never knew when a newly arriving day might be their last.

What a profound way to live!

In a sense, I...
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How to Let Your Life Be Kind to You

One of my favorite images - my parrot, Pearl, was born knowing how to be kind to himself (which is a good thing, since his mommy needs frequent reminders!)

Lately, I've been reading a book titled "On Living" by hospice chaplain Kerry Egan.

When I like a book, I really, really like it.

(If I have it on loan from a friend or the library, sometimes I also consider not giving it back. Ever.)

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What Sex and Dying Have in Common

For those of you who are just joining us here, just so you know, I have a mild phobia of death.

I often blog about it.

Mostly, I am afraid of what I don't know. Like, will death hurt? (if so, a little or a lot and where and for how long - more detail would be great here).

Also, will I like where I go after I die? What if I don't? Are there other options?

Being somewhat of a perfectionist, I'd also like to...
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My Second Lesson in Sufficiency

At the start of this year, I set the intention to spend the next 365 days studying, examining, being mentored by, and (hopefully) experiencing sufficiency....or, as "The Soul of Money" author Lynn Twist terms it, "enough."

On January 1 when I began my study, I only knew one fact about sufficiency: it is the opposite of scarcity.

Well, make that two facts: I also knew that I was already quite familiar with scarcity.

A couple weeks ago, I received (and blogged about) my first powerful lesson...
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I Know I’m Supposed to Hate My Body

I'd never heard of caramel cake until I read Cynthia's story. And I don't know if she is still alive or if she will ever see this post. But in her honor, I've chosen a collage of caramel cake photos I hope she would love. (thanks to Grandbaby Cakes for the image!)

I know I'm supposed to hate my body.

Why are you supposed to hate your body?

Because I'm fat....
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