Living By Yourself or Living With Yourself

My parrot, Pearl, is 18 years old this year. He still cries when he wants to be cuddled, especially if I don't drop what I'm doing fast enough for his liking. He isn't shy about his constant need for social companionship and his company is a salve for my soul on all days, and especially on lonely days.

From the time I was a little girl, I have craved alone-time. I was a...

Yoga Mentoring

A Powerful Way to Tell Your Body “I Love You”

If there is one being in my life who never passes up a chance to look at himself in the mirror, it is my parrot, Pearl. He has been my closest mentor for what self-love and self-appreciation really looks like - honest, unvarnished, whole-hearted and so enthusiastic!

Love is one of those words that we tend to use so easily - casually, even.

"Oh I love you!" I might say when someone gives me something...

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Working On Yourself Versus Working With Yourself

If there is one being in my life who truly works with himself and always has, it is my 18-year-old parrot, Pearl. He has been his own best friend (and mine) since we first met when he was just five weeks old!

Is there a difference between working on yourself and working with yourself?

If there is, it would sure seem like it might be a subtle one - after all, there is only one...


Finding & Feeling Incandescent Joy

My young tortoise, Malti, happens upon a "found" blackberry while out hunting for lawn victuals - a true moment of incandescent joy for her and me both!

Lately I've been having these moments. They arise like a bubble rising up through a soda bottle - literally - like, I can feel them bubbling up out of me.

And then the thought follows: "I am incandescently happy!"

There is a real present-ness to these moments -...


Your Body Is of Many Minds

The beach day scenery all the different parts of me were enjoying while pondering the next requests on their respective wish lists.

So far, year 47 of my life is turning out to be very interesting.

And here, I use the word "interesting" in the way you might find it interesting to look at X-rays of your swollen, throbbing tooth right before the dentist yanks it interesting like what you learn as you struggle...


Give Your Fear a Friend

Sometimes the best thing to ease fear is a soft feathery belly kiss.

I've been on this planet for 47 and a half years now, and it never occurred to me until last month that my fear might get lonely.

This is relevant because, as we all know, anything that is frightening when you are with someone else is twice as frightening when you are facing it down alone!

As the year progresses, I continue...

Love & Feathers & Shells & Me

Your Body Loves You Unconditionally

While out hiking a few months back, we got a little lost on the trail. Then we spied this happy felt so grateful to that earlier hiker who had taken the time to let us know we weren't quite so lost as we had thought!

"Your body loves you unconditionally." I will never forget reading those lines for the first time just a few months ago.

I had signed up for a course about...


It Finally Happened! (The Miracle Gardenia)

There it is, folks - the miracle gardenia blossom!

I have to admit I had lost all faith. Or hope. Or whatever you feel when you watch a gardenia bush (in my case, two gardenia bushes) growing right outside your casa for more than two years now and neither of them ever produces a single gardenia blossom.

So I really don't even have the words to describe I felt now I walked oh...


You (Really) Can’t Take Any of It With You

Pearl, my soul-bird, sits on top of the fluffy pillow and beside the precious narwhal stuffed can't imagine death without them!

I'm not sure what I was thinking, but somehow in the back of my mind I hadn't really put two and two yesterday.

This was the day I crawled into bed and snuggled up tight in my cozy covers, with my comfy pillows and oh-so-cuddly "goodnight sheep" throw, and suddenly the...

Yoga Mentoring

How to Find Your Center

I walked outside the other day to notice something quite miraculous. The lavender bush my mom gave me had actually sprouted a new little lavender! With my newfound awareness of my own center, I studied the tiny blossom with great care - such centered poise as it balanced calmly there on the very tip of its delicate green branch!

Have you ever had someone say to you - whether in a workout class, meditation...

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