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Book Mentors

The Trouble with Patience (and one possible way to fix it)

Pearl, showing off his masterful "constancy" skills as he pounces on the tasty delicacy now!

A few months ago, a dear friend gifted me with a wonderful book called "The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully" by Frank Ostaseki.

Unfortunately, I haven't gotten very far with my reading. It's not because I haven't tried, either.

It is mostly because each page makes me stop and think for...
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Human Life Versus Money in the Bank: Which One Would You Choose?

My parrot, Pearl, contemplates all the very pretty, feathery bodies he may have inhabited over the years!

As I've been reading and studying more about Dr. Brian Weiss's work (here is my post about my initial discovery), I've learned some very surprising things.

I say they are surprising because they are things that I've often thought or said to myself inside my head, but never expected to hear an actual global...
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Book Mentors

What a Shepherd Can Teach Us About Some of the Gentlest Beings on Earth

A certain feisty feathered family member sounds off about his mommy's growing sheep obsession.

In my world, it seems somehow both fitting and auspicious that my first post of a whole new year features sheep.

Yup. Sheep. Those cuddly, doe-eyed, consummate extroverts who were there for us hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of years before we had polyester or almond milk, let alone meat packing plants.

In fact, I'm kind of horrified it has taken until...
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Good News

Becoming a Blank Canvas

When I look at this bowl of pomegranates, I just see a bowl of pomegranates. How I wish I could do the same when viewing other beings or me!

All this past year, I have focused my efforts on attaining a sense of sufficiency - enough - in my life.

At the start of this journey back in January of 2017, initially my thoughts quite naturally turned to money. My bank balance...
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Animal Mentors

All I Want for Christmas Is a Baby Goat

My jealous parrot, Pearl, attempts to block out the goats in favor of featuring extraordinary feathered beings instead.

Okay, I might want a few other things goat food and goat bedding and goat toys and a goat leash (to take my new baby goat for walks, of course).

If anything has ever made me believe in reincarnation, it is my current love affair with goats.

It is something about their faces, I think -...
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Shannon Cutts

Happy 47th Birthday to Me

The delicious birthdays-only "chocolate death cake" I wait for all year long, every year.

Wow. I'm 47 years old. Like, right now.

That's pretty amazing.

To be honest, 47 feels pretty, well, in a good way, given that I'm not someone who worries about getting older day by day and year by year as it happens.

I mean, I do worry about long term oldness, as in the kind where I might not be able to...
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Sometimes I Worry That I Don’t Have Enough Friends

While I couldn't say for sure, if I had to guess, I would say this little toad isn't worried at all about making friends. S/he is already quite busy just being a toad, hunting delicacies and staying safe from large ferocious predators (such as me).

This year's holidays have been quite different than those of years past.

In large part, this shift has come about thanks to Hurricane Harvey, a storm which ravaged my birth...
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