Animal Mentors

Is the Octopus Self Aware? You Decide

Not too long ago, I blogged about some of the cool things I've been learning about octopuses (not the least of which is that the proper plural is "octopuses," not the much more elegant-sounding "octopi." Sigh.).

Then my mom sent me an article about octopus intelligence. The article used words like "alien" and "blender" to describe the octopus's unique high level of intelligence, as well as how that intelligence is organized and expressed.

Apparently, octopuses have more genes than people...
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How Remembering Myself Helps Me Every Day

I found this lovely little caterpillar grazing on the plants in my young tortoise's enclosure. She has a taste for caterpillars, so I picked it up to remove it to a safer habitat. Even though this required me to handle it and transport it, the caterpillar remained utterly calm - a small, soft, plump mentor in the art of self remembering.

I first learned about self remembering when I started meditating. Only it wasn't...
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Book Mentors

What Happens When We Help the Animals

A golden moon bear.

Right now I am immersed in yet another book for

Over the past few years (ever since I started writing my own first book about animals, a book featuring my 17-year-old parrot, Pearl), I have realized books about animals are the best self help books out there.

They are also the saddest books. And they are the most uplifting and hopeful books.

Also, I used to...
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Animal Mentors

Do You Have a Soulmate Animal?

My precious box turtle, Bruce, who came to join us when I rescued him a little more than two years ago.

Recently, I began my first-ever course to learn animal communication.

Taught by professional scientist-turned-animal communicator Marta Williams, this course specifically focuses on the spiritual connection humans and animals can share.

The course is offered online and is called "Discover How Your Animal is Your Healer and Teacher." To be honest, I didn't...
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You Can Trust in Progress

Today I can see the telltale signs of progress in some of my favorite moments in each year. Take nesting season, for instance. Every spring like clockwork, a certain feathered someone climbs into his nest and waits for the ladybirds to come (while his proud featherless mommy snaps picture after cute picture of the phenomenon!).

I've never been a huge fan of progress.

In past years (decades), my preference has mostly been for perfection.

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Animal Mentors

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul

My beautiful rescued Texas 3-toed box turtle, Bruce. His species is listed by the IUCN as "vulnerable."

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul.

These were the words that arose within me during meditation this morning.

If you've been following along here for a bit, you have likely noticed me arm-wrestling with myself on how best to help the animals I so love.

It might not be such a problem if I...
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