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Why I Love the Phrase “Be Brave”

My box turtle, Bruce (right), being brave enough to approach Malti, my redfoot has a little crush on her!

In my last post here, I shared my somewhat grumpy thoughts about the phrase "be fearless."

But that was the last post. And today in my 30-day yoga journey (which is sort of like a 45-day or 60-day journey by now) our teacher, Adrienne, chose the theme of "be brave."

And I...
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Does Anyone Else Have Trouble With the Phrase “Be Fearless?”

My business partner (with feathers) attending the Insta-webinar with his mommy.

Am I the only one who struggles every. single. time. I hear, read or, well, write, the phrase "be fearless?"

I aspire to it. I admire it. I envy it. And I think it is a catastrophic liar.

After all, if I was ever actually totally fearless, that would put my (highly job-attached and perfectionistic) fight-or-flight syndrome out of business.

If I ever actually managed...
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How to Pray for Help (When You Don’t Know What You Need)

One evening after a particularly vicious rain storm, I walked out on my porch to see the HUGEST full-sky rainbow I've ever seen! It was so big I couldn't even get it all into this picture. But I felt sure, watching that rainbow, that any prayer I prayed in that moment would be received by a deity who was in a good mood.

Lately as I've been blogging here, I've noticed myself mentioning prayer....
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Finding What Feels Good

My little shelled girl has never struggled with finding what feels good - anything soft and cushy draws her right to it!

Over the last few years, I have been on a continual quest to detect when something isn't working for me and then sleuthing out how to resolve it.

Here is an example. Let's say I want to get stronger in my body, but I really don't like going to gyms. I've tried...
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Animal Mentors

Why I’m Not a “Real” Vegan

Malti and Pearl, just two of the interspecies loves I share my life with!

I'll just say it - I have a sensitive digestion.

I can't tell you how many articles I've read about how much gas is normal for a human body to produce. And, frankly, I've yet to meet a doctor who isn't impressed by the sheer number of digestive supplements in my medicine cabinet.

Probiotics. Enzymes. HCL with Pepsin. Flax seed capsules....
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Love & Feathers & Shells & Me

Your Mind Wants to Be Happy

My precious parrot, Pearl, is always happy. He literally IS happiness. So when my mind thinks about Pearl, it automatically gets very happy. And then I get very happy. If only my mind and I could be so in tune with all "our" thoughts!

I was quite surprised the day I realized my mind wants to be happy.

Up until that point, I had assumed my mind just wants to take me down.

I had always...
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Learning to Be Graceful

This tiny tree is making its way upwards with so much natural grace, spreading its "arms" out wide with total abandon and trust. I aspire to follow its graceful lead - in yoga and in life!

When I hear the word "grace," I typically think one of two things: a) my dad's elder sister who is named Grace, or b) religion, specifically in reference to Christianity and Jesus.

I don't think about my relationship with...
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Tips for Taking Out Your Mental Trash

My parrot, Pearl, doesn't have the same type of mental wrangles that his mommy does. When he looks into his mind, he likes what he sees!

My relationship with my own mind has never been an easy one.

Conditions can get toxic in there in no time flat.

As I wrestle with my mind moment by moment, I lose precious time and and energy I need to be doing other things.

I am aware of...
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Movie Mentors

Breaking Free from Competition into Cooperation

Three of the many lovely green growing things I welcomed to my little casa recently. I am hoping we can work out a lovely cooperative arrangement that benefits all!

A couple weeks ago I watched a wonderful documentary called In Search of Balance.

I chose it because the film addressed chronic illness (and if you've been following along here for at least a few weeks, you know my interest in this topic...
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