Book Mentors

Advice for Saving the World

My parrot, Pearl, posing on top of the shiny cover of the great Sy Montgomery book "Chasing Cheetahs."

According to Dr. Laurie Marker, wildlife conservationist and founder of the Namibia, Africa-based Cheetah Conservation Fund,

We can save the world. There's no reason we can't. But we have to actively do it.

Dr. Laurie has been studying cheetahs since I was 4 years old (just in case you're wondering, that adds up to...
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Celebrity Mentors

If You Could Speak to the Whole World, What Would You Say?

What I think I'd say if someone handed me a megaphone. -image courtesy of SimpleReminders

I follow a really neat thread on Instagram called The Human Connector (#thehumanconnector).

Every day, THC asks new people this question:

If you had a megaphone and can speak to the whole world for 30 seconds, what would you say?


Those of you who have been following this blog here for some time are likely...
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Animal Mentors

When Your “Person” Isn’t a Person

Perky - my first avian love.

I was really lonely as a child.

I mean, I had same-species friends - mostly boys at first and then a gal or two - but for some reason I had trouble feeling like there was any real tangible connection there.

I knew I preferred the company of these homo sapiens to other homo sapiens. And I knew they mostly felt the same way. But other than that, this "friendship"...
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Camping After 45 and Why I Want to Do It Again

Me! Camping. In a tent. On the ground. With no a/c. At age 46!

The first time I went camping, I was about eight. My dad set up our tent right on the beach. Unfortunately, instead of sand, that particular beach was full of rocks.

This made for an uncomfortable night.

The second time we went camping as a family, we at least picked a sandy beach to do it on.

Unfortunately, that beach was also directly...
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Animal Mentors

Why I Think Animals Get PTSD Too

My precious box turtle, Bruce, on day 3 of hiding in the dirt beneath a huge pile of leaf litter.

My box turtle, Bruce, came to me a little over two years ago after being rescued - twice - by caring local neighbors.

The first time we met, he was being harassed by pet dogs. It was spring, and he had just emerged from his winter hibernation. He was very hungry and eager to find...
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Good News

The (Very Normal) Discomfort of Contentment

Talk about a being who is totally comfortable with contentment! I always know when Pearl is not contented, as well as the precise moment when his contentment returns.

When my longtime mentor, Lynn, had her first experience of "peace," she didn't recognize it.

She shares the story of how she called her own longtime mentor, concerned about this profound new feeling of "boredom" she was experiencing.

After a few questions and answers back and forth,...
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Animal Mentors

Is the Octopus Self Aware? You Decide

Not too long ago, I blogged about some of the cool things I've been learning about octopuses (not the least of which is that the proper plural is "octopuses," not the much more elegant-sounding "octopi." Sigh.).

Then my mom sent me an article about octopus intelligence. The article used words like "alien" and "blender" to describe the octopus's unique high level of intelligence, as well as how that intelligence is organized and expressed.

Apparently, octopuses have more genes than people...
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How Remembering Myself Helps Me Every Day

I found this lovely little caterpillar grazing on the plants in my young tortoise's enclosure. She has a taste for caterpillars, so I picked it up to remove it to a safer habitat. Even though this required me to handle it and transport it, the caterpillar remained utterly calm - a small, soft, plump mentor in the art of self remembering.

I first learned about self remembering when I started meditating. Only it wasn't...
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