Animal Mentors

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul

My beautiful rescued Texas 3-toed box turtle, Bruce. His species is listed by the IUCN as "vulnerable."

One Body, One Brain, One Heart, One Soul.

These were the words that arose within me during meditation this morning.

If you've been following along here for a bit, you have likely noticed me arm-wrestling with myself on how best to help the animals I so love.

It might not be such a problem if I...
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Animal Mentors

Do Animals Have Souls?

My favorite life form, my cockatiel Pearl, poses with one of my favorite new books, Sy Montgomery's "The Soul of an Octopus."

So do they?

Or perhaps a better question might be, do invertebrate animals have souls? Or do you only get a soul if you have a spine?

Or are souls just reserved for homo sapiens with spines (well, technically, all homo sapiens have spines, although I can think of a couple that can...
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The Process of Un-Making Memories

I will admit it. Ever since I watched a documentary called "Addicted to Sheep" I have been, well, addicted to sheep. This is probably as close as I will ever get to having a baby sheep of my own, but I'll take it!

I caught myself un-making a memory the other morning.

I was just coming out of what had proven to be a very dissatisfactory meditation session (on account of how, instead of meditating, I...
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A Ladybug Visitor with a VIM (Very Important Message)

The day before I had the big "aha moment" I describe here, I woke up to discover this little beauty perched on the mini-blinds beside my bed. Ladybugs always appear when life has been very tough and I receive their presence as a sign from love or spirit or the great benevolent divine that things really are okay. Little did I know how okay they would soon become!

Earlier this week, I had a...
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Book Mentors

What Can I Do to Help Animals?

My personal favorite non-human species shares the cover with one of my favorite nature mentors, Jeff Corwin.

Sometimes I find it hard to grasp what is going on across our planet today.

Here, I don't mean politically (although I find that hard to grasp too).

I mean in terms of people versus non-people.

The truth is, from an evolutionary perspective, our unique ability to make babies anytime, anywhere probably made sense way back in our earliest days,...
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Celebrity Mentors

War on the Outside, War on the Inside

This - the innocence and the green and the trust and the beauty - this is what I am fighting to save.

If my brain was asked to pick a favorite hobby, I suspect it would choose "analysis."

I can't blame it, really - holding up this topic here, that topic there, examining it thoroughly for insights, comparing and contrasting it with other like what I do when I go to thrift stores, only...
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Is Your Body Image Bad, Good or Kind?

Talk about a being who has kind body baby tortoise, Malti, is as calm and confident as you can get (especially while trying on her very own brand new pair of butt lifting jeans!)

When I was born, my body image was good.

Or at least I think it was good, since I have no real recollection of having any body image at all one way or another.

Then around age 11, my body...
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Are You Getting Enough Overnight Therapy?

Me. Trying to sleep off germs, assisted (impeded) by my small feathery shadow.

As I get older, I often joke that I am always just one nap away from my next nap.

Only it's not really a joke.

Me-now honestly cannot work out what young me ever had against nap time.

Why did I resist? Oh, to have those mandatory mid-day naps back again!

I suspect that, during the era when I was growing up and then first...
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White Hair? On Me?

There it is, folks. My very own distinguished white streak at last.

Yesterday I made an amazing discovery.

The night just prior I had noticed a grey hair or two making an appearance along my hair's main part line.

Don't misunderstand - this was nothing new.

It was what I discovered next that left my jaw hanging wide open.

This morning, as I was preparing to make war on the grey as usual, I encountered a never-before-seen sight.

A patch...
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