Lacking in motivation is not something only people with mental illness deal with…it is a human thing. We all are driven to be successful from a young age, be it from our parents, friends, the media, or even something deep down inside us. When you have stumble in motivation, you get up and you move on. It is not always so easy with a mental illness.

Half of all of my issues in life have been caused by an extreme disinterest in what I am doing and loss of motivation. Most of my friends with mental illnesses report the same occurrences. I started working my first job when I was 13 and it wasn’t long before I noticed a very haunting trend.

The first month of a job, I was elated. I was so glad to be doing something and making money. The second month, I grew weary of the job and started to call off here and there for silly reasons, like I needed a “day for myself”. Of course I always just told them I was sick. The third month is when I lost all motivation. I would slack off and call off work all the time and inevitably be fired. I call this the 3 month rule.

When I had my son I was very excited to be a stay at home mom, but not just because I would have the ability to be here to watch my kids, but because I couldn’t be fired from it. As I grew older and remained medicated, I decided to start this blog. I am bridging on my second month and I am terrified I will repeat this frightening trend. To add an extra fear factor, my husband and I are moving to another city and I want to get a job. I am smart, I am talented and I have something to offer. I want to work outside the home.

I had a job interview yesterday for a social media marketing manager. I did fantastic. I get to meet with the owner today or Monday. With the blog and a possible new job in my desired career field, I sit here wondering if I will disappoint myself and my family again.

I do my best to not think of it. I know it is possible, but I want to break the cycle. I just keep telling myself “I am smart, I am talented, I am worth it, and whatever happens…happens”. Do you have issues with motivation that have affected your life?