World Mental Health Day Blog Party, October 10, 2015Welcome to the World Mental Health Day Blog Party for 2015. This is the official blog listing that we’ll be updating with every blogger who blogs anywhere on the Internet for World Mental Health Day.

Remember, if you want to blog for the day and help us increase awareness around mental health issues and treatment, please see the instructions here. (Write us at blogparty at to let us know of your published blog entry!)

Please use hashtag #wmhd15 (or just #wmhd) if you’re going to share anything on social media regarding this event.

Your blog post can be about anything related to mental or emotional health, or its treatment. You can tell your story about how you first learned about your condition, and what kinds of challenges you faced to get treatment for it.

Blogs That Have Contributed to World Mental Health Day, 2015

Most recent entries are listed first. This list will be continuously updated (it’s a live blog!) throughout the day on Saturday, October 10, 2015 and the weekend, so check back often!

Grace And Dignity
Mental Health Humor – Psych Central
by Chato Stewart

24 Hours Later Paranoia Dignity Destroyer
Mental Health Humor – Psych Central
by Chato Stewart

24 Hour Paranoia Dignity Destroyer
Mental Health Humor – Psych Central
by Chato Stewart

Thoughts Are Just Thoughts
Overcoming OCD
by Kayla Cathey

The Couple Bubble
Melissa Ferrari
by Melissa Ferrari

Now You Can Identify Relationship Conflicts Before They Start
Quick Fix – Psych Central
by Donna Barstow

BPD Stigma And Shame Based Identity
Me, In My Borderline World
by Natalia Jedras

What Mental Health Means To Me
Australia Counseling 
by Clinton Power

Submitting Anxiety With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Ron Forte Positive Psychology Coaching
by Ron Forte

Mental Health Issues: Memoirs and Movies of Others Who Have Been There and Back
Single At Heart – Psych Central
by Bella DePaulo, PhD

BPD – From Inside And Out
Me, In My Borderline World
by Natalia Jedras

People With Asperger’s Are Weird. So What?
I’m Not A Robot
by Gwendolyn Kansen

Mental Health Cop: A Venn Diagram of Policing, Mental Health, and Criminal Justice
by Michael Brown

Mental Health And Primary Care: The Integration Imperative
The Hippie In Me Blog
by Robin J. Landwehr

I Am Blogging For World Mental Health Day (In German)
Art Words
by Tamara Muller

3 Quick And Powerful Steps To Hold It Together And Control Your Anger – World Mental Health Day
by Alicia Clark, PsyD, PLLC

How Post War Countries Are Meeting Mental Health Challenges
OTI Europe Ltd
by Kate Anthony

World Mental Health Day – On Practicing Self-Compassion
Weightless – Psych Central
by Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

My Coming Out Story – The Mental Illness One
Marci, Mental Health, & More
by Marci

5 Late Life Depression Myths Everyone Should Know
Dr. Deb
by Dr. Deborah Serani

The Gift Of Depression
by Mike Eisenbath

We Are Not “Those People”, We’re Everywhere
Child Abuse Survivor
by Mike McBride

Even The Strongest Person Needs Support
Overcoming Isolation and Deepening Social Connectedness
by Jay B.

Five simple ways to wellbeing
by Laura Hollywood BSc, Dip Couns.

World Mental Health Day – seven things to remember (PDF)
by Robin Murphy

Happy World Mental Health Day
by Luciana Berger MP

Dignity & Living with a Mental Illness
World of Psychology
by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

What Is Your Self Harm Trying To Tell You?
by Toni Jackson

It’s time to talk about talking
When all is said and done…
by Nikita

Men’s mental health shame
Men & Relationships Counselling
by Howard Todd-Collins

A vital ingredient of Mental Health
Men & Relationships Counselling
by Howard Todd-Collins

Is Mental Health a Luxury?
Your Life is a Garden
by Rachel

“Dignity In Mental Health” What It Means To Me
Make BPD Stigma-Free!
by Joyce

World Mental Health Day 2015
by A Lonely Woman’s Guide to the Planet

An alternative guide to mental health care in England (Video animation)
by The King’s Fund

Society’s Impact on Mental Health
According to Victoria
by Victoria

Dignity in Mental Health: 7 Ways People with Mental Illness are Shamed and Disrespected
Successful Social Workers
by Sharon Martin, LCSW

My Dignity and I
My Mind
by Fiona Kennedy, founder of Sunny Spells and Scattered Showers

What is it like to experience mental illness?
BPS Research Digest
by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer)

World Mental Health Day 2015
Mental Health Foundation (UK)