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World Mental Health Day Blog Party, October 10, 2014

4th-world--mental-health-dayWelcome to the World Mental Health Day Blog Party for 2014. This is the official blog listing that we’ll be updating with every blogger who blogs for World Mental Health Day.

Remember, if you want to blog for the day and help us increase awareness around mental health issues and treatment, please see the instructions here. (Write us at blogparty at to let us know of your published blog entry!)

Please use hashtag #wmhd14 (or just #wmhd) if you’re going to share anything on social media regarding this event.

Your blog post can be about anything related to mental or emotional health, or its treatment. You can tell your story about how you first learned about your condition, and what kinds of challenges you faced to get treatment for it.

Blogs That Have Contributed to World Mental Health Day, 2014

Most recent entries are listed first. This list will be continuously updated (it’s a live blog!) throughout the day on October 10, 2014, so check back often!

50+ Tips for Self-Care from 35 Mental Health Experts
by Jodie Gale

10 Things I Will Do to Improve My Own Mental Health
Celebrity Psychings
by Laura Bzowy

Mental Health is a Spectrum
by Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW

Mental Health Day: The Secret to Mental Toughness
Leveraging Adversity
by Claire Dorotik-Nana, LMFT

Five ways we could improve our mental health today
The Independent
by former heavyweight champion Frank Bruno

Breaking the taboo: It’s time to talk about mental health
by Sue Baker

Face to Face with Mark Henick on Mental Health Awareness Day
Channel N
by Sandra Kiume

Reasons for Living: World Mental Health Day
World of Psychology
by Candy Czernicki

Answer Seeking vs. Contentment in Not Knowing: Lesson Learned from a Panic Attack
My Meta World
by Emily Holland

Schizophrenia: The dream that changed my reality
by James Fletcher

Zelda Williams Pays Tribute to Father Robin Williams in Honor of World Mental Health Day
by Kaitlyn Durocher

My Blog Post for World Mental Health Day
Make BPD Stigma Free
by Joyce Savage

My Not So Perfect Secret – Post-Adoptive Depression Syndrome
From My Plan to His
by Amanda

California Assemblymember Sends Message on World Mental Health Day
Each Mind Matters
by Rocky Chavez, 76th Assembly District

Spinning Our Wheels: Understanding the Truth About Obsessive Thinking
by Vanessa Pawlowski

Taming the Wild Bipolar Beast
Mental Health Humor
by Chato Stewart

Changing How We Practice Psychiatry, One Syllable At A Time
by Joel Winner, MD

World Mental Health Day: Personal and Scholarly Perspective
Single at Heart
by Bella DePaulo, PhD

A Broken Mind (video)
by Beckytheweird

World Mental Health Day – Why it Matters
Ottawa Mindfulness Clinic
by Lynette Monteiro

World Mental Health Day 2014: Call for More Research Funding
The British Psychological Society

Mental Health and Media Stereotypes
by Rose Bretecher

The Darkness of Depression
Living Completely
by Amber Lynn

Resources for Social Workers for World Mental Health Day 2014: Living With Schizophrenia
The New Social Worker
by Linda May Grobman

Coming Out With Mental Illness
You Matter: Let Us Help You Through

My Mom Had Privilege But No Mental Health Treatment
Huffpost British Columbia
by Rachel Thexton

Room for Misery & Room for Joy: My Story
World of Psychology
by Therese Borchard

An Interview with Mindy McConnell: An in-depth look at living with someone with mental illness
by G. A. Spencer

My Name is Kimberly and I Choose to Stay
All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something

5 Steps to Good Mental Health
The Irish Times

World Mental Health Day 2014: The Misconceptions Broken Down
The Independent
Rachel Hobbs

World Mental Health Day: On Stigma
Margarita Tartakovsky, MS

I want to look better naked!
Your Body, Your Mind
by Alica Sparks

The Crazy Label
Broken Mirrors Can Become Kaleidoscopes
by Sarah Mitchell

Welcome to the Pain Cave…Embrace the Suck.
Coach’es Mind Eye
by Lisa Ehrlich

Second National Audit of Schizophrenia highlights lack of progress for service users and carers
The Mental Elf
by Andre Tomlin

Living with Mental Illness: World Mental Health Day 2014
World of Psychology
by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

Efficacy of high vs. low-potency first-generation antipsychotics for schizophrenia
The Mental Elf
by Raphael Underwood

How my own struggles helped me care about those with Depression
by Johnny Fallon

What schizophrenia isn’t
Mind Full

World Mental Health Day 2014 Live Blog
Time to Change

Living with Schizophrenia
The Carter Center
by Amy Standen

I am still a detective, I am not defective!
by Anonymous

Living a healthy life with schizophrenia
World Health Organization

Confronting stigma stripped it of its power
Time to Change
by Rose Bretecher

Living with a diagnosis of schizophrenia
by Mental Health Foundation

Mental Illness: Not A Personal Failing, A Social Failing
by Anonymous

A Coin With Three Sides
by Mari Just Mari

8 things I’ve learned during my 8-year recovery journey
by Erin

Ugh….Do I really have to? Yes, pick one.
Coach’s Mind Eye
by Lisa Ehrlich

Should Mental Illness Be A Taboo Topic?
Waxing Strong: Dedicated to Strengthening Individuals, Marriages, and Families
by Allison Ellsworth, LMFT

World Mental Health Day 2014
A Caring Mind: A Blog for Carers of Mental Health
by Matthew Mckenzie

Mental Health & Happiness: World Mental Health Day
Mental Health & Happiness Online Summit
by Kim Oliver

World Mental Health Day Blog Party, October 10, 2014

John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

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