I blog for World Mental Health DayWelcome to the World Mental Health Day Blog Party for 2012. This is the official blog listing where we will be updating every blogger who blogs for World Mental Health Day.

Remember, if you want to blog for the day and help us increase awareness around mental health issues and treatment, please see the instructions here. (Write us at blogparty at psychcentral.com to let us know of your published blog entry!)

Your blog post can be about anything related to mental or emotional health, or its treatment. You can tell your story about how you first learned about your condition, and what kinds of challenges you faced to get treatment for it.

Blogs That Have Contributed to World Mental Health Day, 2012

Most recent entries are listed first. This list will be continuously updated throughout the day on October 10, 2012, so check back often!

Apple’s Siri Still Flawed When Talking About Suicide
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by Summer Beretsky

The World and Suicide
Angst in Anxiety – Psych Central
by Nanette Burton Mongelluzzo, PhD

Biofeedback for Mental Health
BFE Learn From the Best Program
by Carol Meyers

Mindfulness: In This Moment
Dare to Dream
by David Earl Johnson, MSW, LICSW

World Mental Health Day 2012: How’s Your Mental Health?
by Australia Counselling

Neuro-science + a little bit of happiness (and Today’s Momtra)
How to be a walking Momtra
by Michelle Ghilotti Mandel

Peer Support and Mentoring
Alternative approaches to mental health
by Denise Maratos, Ed.M

Neuroscience of Meaningful Work
Work & recovering from bipolar disorder
by Willa Goodfellow

World Mental Health Dayk
Lisa Wehr’s Public Health Blog
by Lisa Wehr

Mental Health Matters
by Purple Dreamer

Mindfulness in this Moment
Mindfulness and mental health
by David Earl Johnson, MSW

Equine Therapy: Prison Inmate Programs
Equine therapy as a means to rehabilitate prison inmates
by Claire Dorotik

Supporting Mental Health Beyond Your Practice
Ways to support mental health
by Mary Lewis, Ph.D.

Healing Through the Therapeutic Relationship
We are wired to connect with others
by Andra Brosh, Ph.D.

Why Public Health Students Should Care About Mental Health
Public health officials and mental health
by Lisa Wehr

A Few Guidelines For Writing Sensitively About Mental Illness
by Jen Crowell

‘Celebrating’ World Mental Health Day With a Panic Attack
What goes up must come down
by Summer Beretsky

Secrets Shared: World Mental Health Day 2012
Una Vita Bella
by Amy K

Choose Psychotherapy: Another Treatment Option
APA Dr. Nordal’s take on psychotherapy
by Dr. Katherine Nordal

More Lessons Learned from a Bipolar Dad
Mental illness is the ball & chain you can’t divorce
by Chato B. Stewart

Errors In Communication: WebMD
Relationships & mental health
by Leslie Becker-Phelps, PhD

Ruby Wax: What’s so funny about mental illness?
The humorous side of mental health
by @WebEvie

How He Can Get Sober Without Admitting He’s An Alcoholic
by Dr John McMahon & Lou Lewis

Married To ADD: 7 Difficulties To Expect
by Leslie Rouder

World Mental Health Day: Sharing Their Stories
Writing to end the stigma… at The Open Road Blog
by @openroadmedia

The Early Years of Life Set the Stage for Life-long Mental Health
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
by Ruth Perou

World Mental Health Day
by Distress Centre of Ottawa & Region

To all the carers out there
Mental Healthy
by Charlotte Fantelli

Be That Girl Who Inspires
Identity Magazine
by Susan Vernicek

Today is World Mental Health Day
by docjohn

Forget Self-Love. Try Self-TRUST!
Gay Edelman’s Joyblog
by Gay Edelman

Making a Visual Impact for Mental Health
Vanguard Communications
by Crystal Borde

What Does Recovery Mean?
Bridging the Gap Between Community and Self
by Holly Ann Rivera

Guarantee Guilt Free
Identity Magazine
by Susan Vernicek

Coming Out Proud in Support of Mental Health
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by Patrick Corrigan

World Mental Health Day
Musings on Health Communications and Health Advocacy
by Kathleen Hoffman, PhD

It’s Just a Bunch of Crap
Better Living Through Pithy Quotes – Psych Central
by Sophia Dembling

21 Mental Health Quotes
Mental health quotes
by @HealthShire

7 Ways to Show Appreciation
Showing appreciation is highly underrated
by Nathan Feiles, LMSW

World Mental Health Day
What is mental illness?
by Kathleen Hoffman, PhD, MPH

Lessons from Lars and the Real Girl for World Mental Health Day
Mental illness in TV & film
by Debra Manchester MacMannis, MSW

Accessible Online Mental Health Services for Practitioners and Clients
Raising awareness about mental health
by Clara Lang

Faith and Mental Health
Methodist Healthcare is bringing mental health to its community
by Marc Peters

We’ve Come a Long Way Baby – Or Have We?
The stigma of mental illness
by Rhona Finkel

Forget Self-Love. Try Self-Trust!
I’m tired of hearing about self-love!
by Gay Edelman

To All the Carers Out There
A thank you letter to carers
by Charlotte Fantelli

Overwork, Underwork and Depression
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by Joanna Jungerman

A Guilt Out of Ignorance
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by Samuka V. Konneh

What Depression Has to Do with Body Image
The link between depression & body image
by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Enhancing Mental Health by Understanding Cyber Culture
Technology and mental health
by Kate Anthony & DeeAnna Nagel

Secrets and Scars
Behind closed doors of mental illness
by Chris Dean

When Pleas for Help go Unanswered
Coping with postpartum depression
by Katherine Stone

Cause for Concern: Shattering the Stigma of Depression and Breast Cancer
Bridging the gap between cancer and mental health
by The Carter Center & Rebecca Palpant Shimkets

Don’t let people go through depression alone
by Robin M.

World Mental Health Day
Honoring mental health
by Danny van Leeuwen

Easy Ways to Celebrate World Mental Health Day
A few quick ways to celebrate your mental health today!
by Victoria Gigante, Ed.M., MA, GCDF

Take Control of Your Mental Health Today in Just 3 Minutes
Do you take your mental health seriously?
by Victoria Gigante, Ed.M., MA, GCDF

World Mental Health Day Around the World
Celebrating mental health around the world
by Michelle LH “Bipolar Bandit”

World Mental Health Day Information
Information about World Mental Health Day
by Michelle LH “Bipolar Bandit”

Why I Feel Sympathy for the Devil
The intersection of gun violence and mental illness
by Deborah Serani, Psy.D

Since Everybody Talks, Control the Talk
Everybody talks. Take charge of your story.
by Helen Mitternight

Top 10 for 10.10
Ways to eradicate the stigma of depression
by iFred

Seeking Light in the Refrigerator
The Antidepressant Diet
by Judith Wurtman, PhD

An Emptiness in My Heart: Coping with mental illness in a foreign land
A YouTube video
by Nick Ciorogan

Watch the Weather
Innovation You
by Jeff DeGraff, PhD

Beyond Sleep Deprived and Crabby
by Sheevaun Moran

‘Google of the brain’ neuroimaging project receives $2.5 million NIH grant
by Indiana University Bloomington

How Mindfulness Works to Regulate Emotion in Your Brain
National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine
by Ruth Buczynski, PhD

World Mental Health Day
Everything Matters Under the Bridge
by Amy L.

ADHD Taken Out of Context
ADHD in everyday life
by Kelly Babcock

World Mental Health Day 2012: A Novel Drug Treatment Approach for Depression, Using Ketamine?
Global Data
by Dr. Sally Chege

Only Jail Will Keep Her Alive
Mental health and involuntary commitment
by Kelvin Ng

Mental Health Awareness for All of Us
Raising awareness about mental health
by Janet Singer

They Will Never Grow Out of Reactive Attachment Disorder
Reactive Attachment Disorder and parenting
by Tammy Mac

Celebrating World Mental Health Day – 10 October 2012
Free access to 31 journals in their collection
by Emerald Publishing

Partnership for Workplace Mental Health and Employers Health Join Forces to Develop Novel Employee-Focused Depression Education Program
by Partnership for Workplace Mental Health

Enlightenment Doesn’t Notice the Date
Celebrating mental health
by A Canvas of the Minds

Asking for Help with an Eating Disorder
Podcast about eating disorders
by The Turning Institute

Depression? There’s an App for That
by Kara Ayers, PhD

Living and Growing with Mental Illness
Personal account about living with mental illness
by @APurpleDreamer

The Elephant in the Workplace
Mental health in the workplace
by @Medicash

Mental Health or Mental Illness?
Celebrating mental health
by Sandeep Gautum

Caring About Mental Health Past Your Own Recovery
Mental health and postpartum depression.
by Amber Koter-Puline

World Mental Health Day: Separate But Equal
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by John M. Grohol, Psy.D.

It’s Goodbye too soon… #mhday
The PsychContinuingEd.com Blog
by Todd Elliott Finnerty, Psy.D.

Therapists Spill: My Mental Health Hero
World of Psychology – Psych Central
by Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S.

Good care’s dependent on money & class and it shouldn’t be
Back from the Sidelines
by Elizabeth Campbell

Neuroscience of Meaningful Work
Work & recovering from bipolar disorder
by Willa Goodfellow

My American Dream: A journey through Bipolar Disorder
via Facebook, must be logged in to view
by Erika Lowe

Stop Trying So Hard To Be Happy
Private Practice Toolbox – Psych Central
By Julie Hanks, LCSW

What Might ‘Patient Engagement’ Mean in Mental Health?
The Gutsy Gals Guide to Good Health (Care)
by Carla TN Berg

Five Tips for Talking about Mental Health (Video)
Channel N – Psych Central
by Sandra Kiume

ADHD Voices from Around the World
ADHD from A to Zoë – Psych Central
by Zoë Kessler, BA, B.Ed.

We Are All Survivors: Recovery and the Heroic Quest
The Impact of Sex Addiction – Psych Central
by Dr. Linda Hatch

World Mental Health Day: When the Caregiver is a Child
Partners in Wellness – Psych Central
by Joan Winifred

Childhood Depression ~ What It Feels Like
Light, Laughter and Life – Psych Central
by Leslie Hull

Have You Lived with Mental Illness?
Growing up with a mother that has mental illness
by Toni Welch

An Emptiness in My Heart: Coping with Mental Illness in a Foreign Land
Video about coping with mental illness – YouTube Video
by Nicholas Ciorogan

Helping Someone You Know with Depression
Tips for helping someone you know with depression
by Deborah Serani, Psy.D.

From Shame to Self Esteem
Shame and self esteem
by Joseph Burgo

Share Your Burden With a Beast
Pet therapy
by Joanne Shortell

“Do L.E.S.S!”: 4 Tips for Building Self-Esteem
Self-esteem is essential to mental health
by Lionel B. Queen

World Mental Health Day (On Kiwi Time)
Infinite Sadness… Or Hope?
by Cate Reddell

Forget About Time – Manage Your Energy!
Healing Together for Couples – Psych Central
by Suzanne Phillips, Psy.D.