The Blocking Game

When I wrote my original post, "I Blocked Him, So Now What," I received an outpour of comments, and heard so many stories about the blocking game, that I find it necessary to elaborate and dive deeper into this experience.

Until recently, I have been...


Pampering Parenting & Gen Z

Dear Gen Z:

2019 marks a year of Generation Z's graduation from college. And for those that are not familiar with generation historiography, each generation gets a title and the most recent one is labeled Generation Z.

Simple definition: Generation Z (or Gen Z), also known...


10 Common Lies I’ve Told Doctors

Let's face it, we all lie about something at some point in our life when discussing our health with our Doctors. Whether it's your general doctor, your gynecologist, your dermatologist, your ophthalmologist, your therapist, or your psychiatrist, at some point you start fibbing and once...


The Netflix Show: Dead to Me

I recently watched the relatively new Netflix show Dead to Me which explores the multi faceted layers of grieving and death.  I'm not going to spoil anything but there is one scene that struck me to the core.

The protagonist played by Christina Applegate loses her husband in...