Coping Skills

The Challenge Of Setting Healthy Boundaries With Your Loved Ones

It's one thing to set healthy boundaries with coworkers, casual friends, or someone you're dating, but setting boundaries with your loved ones can be truly challenging.

Last weekend I had dinner with a longtime family friend that goes way back to infancy. It's the kind of relationship where any amount of time apart can go by, and no matter what when we get back together, we pick up right where we left off.  Currently she's back in...


Being Mindful When You Speak

My boss told me yesterday I need to be more, "mindful when I speak." When she said that I felt the intense need to lash out with a logical response like, "I believe in freedom of speech," however, I don't need to get written...


Who Is The Joker?

The day the movie, "The Joker," was released I walked to the Staples Center in DTLA, paid $ for a ticket, sat down alone and braced myself. I loved it, but it took me some time to fully digest the movie, and in the...


5 Things You Should Never Share

Recently, the host of, "Kids Say The Darndest Things," comedian, actress, and entertainer Tiffany Haddish declared that she is no longer going to be an "open book."

Although her work as a performer has primarily consisted of material from her real life experience, I gave...