Idle Time & Burn Out

The Dutch call it 'niksen' which is a term to describe doing nothing. In other words, not worrying about being productive, or eating healthy, or meditating, basically embracing boredom.  I love this idea, for now, and think there is a positive take away from...


Free Britney & Conservatorship

Conservatorship can be a contentious topic and, for the most part, I've always leaned toward not conserving someone unless it is absolutely necessary and now, I want to buy a "Free Britney" t-shirt. Brittney Spears is currently being hospitalized in a facility in Los Angeles. People are...


Let Go, Or Be Dragged

Letting go of things is a practice that requires self awareness, discipline and stamina. It's a combination of obsessing, ruminating, and regretting.

Whether it's a poor relationship, or a bad experience that turns into an ongoing memory that creeps in every now and again, the...


The 40’s

I'm turning 42-years-old in a couple weeks, and I went to see my doctor recently cause my hands hurt. I used to have trouble with my right hand cause my mouse was too small so I had an ergonomics person come fix my desk and...


Parenting & The College Admissions Scandal

One can't help but draw a correlation between modern day parenting, and the recent college admissions scandal. Today's children more often times than not grow up running the show. In other words, parents find themselves negotiating with their loved ones versus asserting themselves like they more so...