Coping Skills

Anxiety and Depression?

It's hard to describe, but I'm going to do my best.

I'm depressed. I've written about it, I've been aware of it, I felt it come creeping in, and have done what I can to prepare myself for it, but, this kind of depression is different. It's...
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Does isolating mean I’m depressed?

Maybe I’m hooked on watching The Golden Girls back to back to back to back. Or maybe it’s the rain? Maybe I’m just tired.

It’s hard to know when isolation is a sign of clinical depression, versus just flat out laziness. During the work week I get up early, go to work, then to the gym, then to bed routinely so, I’m not depressed, but, when the weekend comes, I sleep in late, skip the gym,...
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Bipolar II

Anxiety & The Psychiatrist

Even though I feel better when I leave my psychiatrist office, making the appointment, keeping the appointment, and getting to the appointment, have always caused me major anxiety.

It’s not like I am new to the whole deal, I’ve been going to my psychiatrist for...
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