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How Far Will You Go to Hold Onto Your Job?

Recently I had a conversation with a friend that told me she has fallen into a depression because of her job.  She finds herself in an unhealthy work environment that she’s never previously experienced before in her life, and puts up with situations she can’t believe she tolerates. I ask myself, why is this the case, and what does this mean for the future of how the culture of the work force operates?

In modern times, some work forces are changing the rules; they are taking advantage of employees because quite frankly, they can.  Employees find themselves in a miserable work environment that they endure because they don’t have any other job opportunities. People of this nature come to work and swallow things they might not otherwise sign onto or put up with. This is not right, but unfortunately we are living in times where we find ourselves stuck in our jobs.  We are scared to make waves, or stand up for ourselves for fear of losing an income.

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How Far Will You Go to Hold Onto Your Job?

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  1. Hi Erica:
    I’m glad that you bring this topic out into the light for discussion. It is a phenomena that continues to harm society. Despite being a child therapist, I myself have experienced extremely unhealthy office environments where every part of me was on the line. Many days I wished I had been somewhere else. I tried everything from listening to loud music on the way to work, to calling my family while walking to my car after work, or listening to music at the office. All of these things failed because they were nothing more but a band aid. The problem was under the surface and required much attention from “higher ups.” In some cases the “higher ups” were just as bad as the other staff.

    I’m sure most of society would have trouble understanding the reality of poor coworker relations among mental health professionals, but it does indeed exist. Attention should be drawn to this topic in much the same way as attention to bullying prevention.

  2. I just left a workplace like this. It is really unfortunate that so many good workers stay because they are basically “stuck”….close to retirement, own a home with bills, family need for their income, or knowing they are too old to quit and start over. I learned many years ago as the victim of workplace abuse and bullying that i am willing to take the risk of leaving for the sake of my health and sanity. Many people feel they do not have any other options, and so they keep quiet and carry on.

  3. These are the consequences of the rich getting richer indeed, and it really scares me both ways. How much money do people need? In following the politics of our nation, we are degrading ourselves because of greed. I think “they” (our lawmakers) need to redefine middle class. Since when is middle class $450,000? What about those of us that are struggling on $14,000/year? We are treated like dogs so that the owners can make more money. We have lost union representation, I don’t think people realize how much that relates to EVERYONE. The majority of Americans incomes is going down while a small percentage of Americans skyrockets. Are we evolving back to slavery? It makes me glad I don’t have children and am near the end of my life.

  4. I was very unhappy at a job. After spending a weekend of serious thought, I had decided to stick it out a month and then decide whether or not leave. When I walked in the door Monday morning, I felt (literally) as if I was going to throw up. The decision was made instantly – this job isn’t worth feeling like this. I gave notice two days later, and didn’t regret it for a second.

    • Jkrantz – Wise decision. Without your health you have nothing!

  5. This has happened before and will happen again. It’s supply and demand, a surplus of people with a high demand for jobs. Situations like these cause changes in our overall culture. Last time it happened, many laws were made to protect the workers. They defined overtime, minimum wage and made it illegal to make children work. I’m expecting laws to change. My fear is that there are greedy employees as much as there are greedy employers. I’m hoping that this fact doesn’t lead to more unsustainability in our government and political structure.

    • It has already changed. With the removal of unions, wages will be lowered even further. I believe you will see relaxation of child labor laws, holiday pay, sick pay, vacation pay and the minimum wage. Those are all things the unions brought to every American working class person. We are headed toward a caste system.

      • Excellent point. Thank you. eml

      • I don’t want the company I work for to pay me holiday pay, sick pay, vacation pay, or put into a retirement or pension fund if it’s going to risk their losing the business and causing me to lose my job. I won’t disagree with a company wanting to pay me those things, but they should not be required. I’d give up any insurance the company would offer and overtime pay even, if it would better ensure the company stays open and I keep my job. In short I would rather KEEP MY JOB than be paid for work I DIDN’T DO.

    • Joanna – Do you really think our government and political structure is sustainable as it is? What I see is a totally dysfunctional broken down system that is not serving the majority of Americans but rather a very small percentage of Americans. Money is buying our politicians regardless of what the majority wants or needs. It is not supply and demand, it is suppression of the working class. Our jobs have been sent over seas for cheap m labor lining the pockets of the rich. Their $$ is not going back into the economy, it is being kept over seas to avoid paying taxes. You deserve to be paid vacation, sick pay and insurance. Accept no less.

  6. If one finds themselves in a bad mental state it is time to move on another career or their own business. It’s time to make something happen like a football player would do if he finds himself in a bad situation. That’s why I love to watch football! It inspires me to make something happen in my life.

  7. I agree with Walkerlady! There is a reason the unions were necessary in the first half of the 20th century! I like to compare Unions with the requirement for EEO restrictions on hiring: Neither would have been necessary unless there was a great deal of wrong-doing in the workplace to begin with! And, to Joanna, I’m sure you would think differently if you had a catastrophic event in your family that was going to eat up any and all of your salary, savings, and possessions without your having company-paid insurance!


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