When it comes to being intimate with your partner, or someone you just met, bedroom etiquette is a must. I would hope people know the basics when it comes to bedroom etiquette, but some of us don’t.

When it comes to bedroom etiquette, one basic is personal hygiene.  Are your teeth clean? Is your hair greasy? Do you have make-up smeared on your eyelids? Are your feet gross?

Keeping personal cleanliness should be a no-brainer, and good bedroom etiquette starts there. Before sex, be clean.

Then you have secondary etiquette aka, how you conduct yourself after sex. Do you offer the person a glass of water? Are you respectful with protection? Who removes the condom, and takes care of that? Sorry, that’s the guys job, but, if a woman has the contraception she should be the one to handle it. Just my opinion.

People don’t usually talk about their private time in bed, which I get but, when it comes to being in bed with someone that has bad bedroom etiquette, if I did something I’d like to know.  And your partner should know too.