When a couple breaks up, there are some unstated rules that apply, at least I thought they were, but life has taught me never to assume anything.

I know most couples that break up end up splitting up their friends but, what about the gym membership?

Ten years ago I joined my gym. It quickly became my safe haven for working out, doing classes, forming friendships, and loved every aspect of it.

When I first started dating my ex he would make fun of me for being a member, talk down about my gym, for whatever reason. Then after a year or so he decided to join.

After a couple years together we split up, and I respectfully gave him a friend that he met first, so just assumed since I was a member of my gym first he would leave.


So now I have to worry about running into him and it sucks.  I find myself on my machine and have to see him across the gym doing weights and pray he doesn’t come to my side of the gym. Like we have to have sides? Really? Yup!

Then I have to plan my escape so he doesn’t see me, and pray I can run to the woman’s locker room scot-free. It has happened to me on more than one occasion and it’s exhausting, and quite frankly annoying.

What am I going to do? Try and figure out his routine and make a point not to workout at the same time? That’s not fair. Why should I change my workout schedule to accommodate him?

Then I have to run into people that knew we were a couple and they mention, “Oh I saw so and so working out the other day. You guys still together? I don’t want to be reminded of him at the gym. I don’t want to plan my workout routine around him. I don’t want to have anxiety when I enter the gym and have to worry about running into him.  It is simply not fair so what do I do…?

Call me childish but finders keepers.