You lie:

You lie to your psychiatrist

You lie to your therapist

You lie to your friends

And you lie to yourself.

In my experience, I think lying to your therapist is the worse cause eventually you become ashamed of your actions so stop going when that is the number one place you need to be.  But, you can’t not go to your psychiatrist cause you need your meds but you can still lie.

In my opinion, lying to your friends isn’t so bad. I mean, how many times do they need to hear the same old story.  I feel like I am saving them from hearing a broken record, and feeling the shame when you know you are doing something wrong. But, are you really lying to yourself when you know you are in a bad relationship but stay anyway.

I guess if you return to therapy, and are honest with your therapist, there is no way you can lie to yourself cause your therapist will help you work through it.

So, if you find yourself lying in any of these situations, that’s the number one sign you are in an unhealthy relationship.