“You gotta get your face out of the feedbag.”

That is what my Father used to say when I was growing up and was going through a chubby phase.  It sounds harsh but, I am grateful that he was always honest with me.

Parents today seem to struggle with broaching the topic with their kids when they gain weight, and need to be put on a diet.  Weight is a sensitive topic but tip toeing, avoiding and ignoring the issue doesn’t help anyone.

My Mom, on the other hand, never said a word. It wasn’t until I was thirty, and gained weight from lithium, that she spoke up. We were shopping at the grocery store and I picked up half and half for my tea and she said, “Why don’t you get the skim milk instead.”  Oddly, that offended me.  My Dad can make a comment about my “spare tire” but my Mom can’t kindly mention selecting a healthier choice of milk?

I think since I grew up with my Dad voicing his concerns, and not my Mom, I wasn’t used to hearing her discuss my weight, but, when I look back, I would rather have the truth then nothing.

I say all this cause I think if you have a fat kid, it’s best to honest.

Just my opinion. Your opinion is welcome too!