Just because I didn’t have any kids, doesn’t mean getting in shape, or being in shape, is any easier.

I think there is this myth that if your body hasn’t gone through child birth that working out, or staying fit is easy, or easier, when it’s not.

Some women look healthier, or more beautiful as a Mother. Ok, yeah, but the pressure to get your body back is so intense that I had to stop and think, what’s my problem?  Why is it so hard for me to maintain my weight and be in control of my body when I don’t have some other person taking it over, literally. And why should that matter?

I remember when a friend had her first baby, and she watched the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and saw Heidi Klum walk down the catwalk skinnier then ever after just giving birth. I heard her frustration cause she was struggling with getting her body back.  I was like what?  She’s a supermodel. But even then she’s just a person whose body acts or reacts differently then yours, which doesn’t mean if she didn’t have a baby, her body should be judged differently.

Every individual body is unique so when you don’t have an “excuse” to be out of shape, it makes you look at yourself, and be like what’s your excuse?

I don’t have one. I don’t need one. Like I said, every body is different with or without kids so, people need to stop hating on women that struggle with weight and don’t have  children as an excuse to explain their weight.

Be easy on yourself. So what, you don’t have a kid, and still struggle with diet and weight.  No one get a free pass in this world. No one.