Maybe it started with the whole Santa’s list of children that are either naughty or nice that put me on a path to ignore the “bad girl” in me, and try and be a “good girl,” but, here’s what I’ve learned about being the nice girl.

  1. The nice girl finishes last
  2. The nice girl holds her tongue
  3. The nice girl doesn’t ask for a raise
  4. The nice girl should be seen and not heard
  5. The nice girl says I’m sorry when someone bumps into them on the street

The nice girl tries to muffle the naughty girl when the naughty girl…

  1. The naughty girl doesn’t take no for an answer
  2. The naughty girl puts herself out there
  3. The naughty girl challenges authority
  4. The naughty girl gets that job
  5. The naughty girl has more honest relationships

So maybe it’s ok to be on Santa’s bad list this year. Try being naughty and you might find yourself being nice to yourself for once!



Photo by andymag