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10 Tips to Survive the Holiday Office Party

It’s that time of year – The Office Holiday Party! Whether you have to go cause you feel obligated, or want to go cause you do, Holiday office fiestas can be good fun, or bad times.  Here are some tips to consider to help survive your Holiday bash:

  1. Management: Greet your boss and pay your respects early on in the night
  2. The Wallflower: Approach someone that you don’t know that might be standing all alone
  3. Food: Don’t pig out, and eat something before you go
  4. Significant Others: Prior to the party, give your significant other a heads up on what to expect
  5. Booze: Just cause it’s free, doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a price so don’t drink like it’s an open bar and know your limits
  6. Attire: Ok so you don’t have a policy on wardrobe like you might have at work but act like you do and keep it classy
  7. Presents: If you are part of a gift exchange don’t overdue it, or underdo it
  8. Talent: This is not Dancing With The Stars or The Voice so keep your shoes on, and save karaoke for another time
  9. Time: Do not be one of the last ones to leave, and if you came alone, leave alone!
  10. Hot Topics: Unless you want to get into it, do not mention Trump, Weinstein, Franken, Spacey, Rose, Lauer, Price, Halperin, and today’s latest hot mess Mario Batali!

Happy Holidays!

10 Tips to Survive the Holiday Office Party

Erica Loberg

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