No matter how silly it may be, sexual harassers can find a way to justify their behavior on multiple levels. Here is a list of excuses some predators can make to themselves when they are acting inappropriately.

  1. I was just moving some hair away from her face – so I can help you see better ok!
  2. Her skirt was too short – so why don’t I help you pull it down?
  3. I am having marital problems – so I am more or less open to anything
  4. I thought she was sending me signals – you can do pretty much do anything, and I will find a way to spin it and make it your fault
  5. I thought sending you flowers would be a nice gesture since you are having a bad day – is it a sin to be nice?
  6. I reserved the penthouse suite for our meeting – who wouldn’t want to see the view from a luxurious five star hotel?
  7. #Me too campaign – people will make any excuse to jump onboard a trend or bandwagon
  8. You asked to meet with me privately – so I can close and lock the door for your privacy
  9. I received a grievance from HR which makes no sense – that was ages ago, and I don’t remember anything
  10. I am the CEO of this firm – so you are just looking for a payout
  11. I am famous in several circles – so you just want a piece of fame and media attention
  12. I gave you a raise – with more money, there are always gonna be more problems!

As ridiculous as any excuse is, a sexual harasser is a master manipulator not only toward their victims but sadly, often times they manipulate themselves into believing such stupidity.