At least twice a week I have to listen to someone in my office file their nails, and it drives me up the wall. However, it got me thinking of annoying things people do that they might not even realize can drive some co-workers crazy.  Here is a list of things to consider not doing at your desk:

  1. File your nails – You are not at a nail salon
  2. Floss your teeth – You are not at the dentist
  3. Brush your hair – You are not at the hair salon
  4. Apply make-up – You are not at a make-up counter
  5. Leave holiday decorations up after the holiday – Your birthday was months ago
  6. Not water your plant – If you can’t keep your plant alive then don’t have one
  7. Leave confidential information out in the open – I don’t want to see your passwords
  8. Listen to loud music – You are not at the club
  9. Leave food out for long periods of time – You are not in your kitchen
  10. Leave your fan or space heater on when you’re not there – You are not at your desk!

Ok so my plant is not totally dead but definitely hanging on for dear life, and I have had a giant happy birthday sign hanging on my wall since April. So, I have been guilty of one, or two things, on this list so I am not judging, just saying, but out of the ten number one is the absolute worse.