Creating, maintaining, and enforcing boundaries can be a struggle for a lot of people. I’ve suffered from not being able to have boundaries with people, and it wasn’t until recently that I realize that despite how hard it is for me, the alternative to not creating boundaries is way worse then the hardships I experience trying to create them.

Here are five emotions that can occur when you lack the ability to create boundaries for yourself:

  1. Anxiety – Why do I allow anxiety to keep me from setting limits?
  2. Agitation – Why do I feel agitated when you are the one causing the stress?
  3. Guilt – Why do I feel guilty when I haven’t done anything wrong?
  4. Shame – Why do I feel bad when you are the one pushing my limits?
  5. Insomnia – Why do I allow it to get so bad that I can’t even get proper sleep?

These are just a handful of emotions I face when I am caught in a situation that requires me to impose boundaries, and I am not able to do it.  However, when I write these boundary buzz words it helps me enforce boundaries when usually I’ll just deal with the emotions.

Next time you experience one or more of these emotions, as a result of not enforcing boundaries for yourself, ask yourself these questions. They might help you start creating boundaries that are long over due, and that you deserve.

Photo by triviaqueen