When I first learned the term PTSD, for me it pertained to veterans of war. But Posttraumatic Stress Disorder can be a lot of things. Here are three accounts of my own personal experience of PTSD:

  1. I remember how hard kindergarten was for me. I was five years old and I hated it. Last weekend I went to my grammar school fall festival, and when I walked into the old classroom, the smell of melting crayons brought me back to that five year old girl. I felt sick, and had to leave. PTSD.
  2. I got an email from someone from my past that I had a poor relationship with, and when I saw his name pop up I froze. I had to take a deep breath, and hit the delete button immediately. I didn’t even open it, and if it happens again I’m going to have to hold up my hand to the screen to block the re: line so I don’t even see what it says. PTSD
  3. I watched Senator John McCain on The View recently, and he was sitting beside his daughter, and I started to cry. McCain was diagnosed with cancer, and his daughter has openly cried on The View when discussing it. Their relationship reminded me of the one I had with my father.  It took me back to the time we spent in the hospital when he was fighting cancer. I can’t watch McCain anymore unless I have a box of kleenex.  PTSD

PTSD is real, and can apply to multiple experiences in life, so be aware and take care of yourself.


Photo by amseaman