You are more likely to get a look if you say you have an HMO versus a PPO – and it’s not a good one. I never realized that having in HMO had stigma attached to it but, since I have switched, (despite the poor reputation,) I’ve found it to be great!

I’ve always had top of the line insurance. My father made it a point that I had a PPO and paid top dollar for it, however, when he died last year I lost my insurance, and was forced to take on insurance I could afford.

When I switched over I lost my gynecologist of 20 years, and my dermatologist of 10 years, and I had to start over.  And, in order to get new doctors I had to be referred out by a regular doctor.

I had never been to a regular doctor before. I had never had a physical before. So, going to a doctor to get referred out to replace my old doctors was all new to me.

When I went to my new gyno, he was great. When I went to my new dermatologist, she was great. Both were superb experiences, and this month I have to enroll in my benefits for the year, and although my family has offered to reactivate my PPO I said no.

I like my HMO doctors. You just have to make sure you find the right doctors. Maybe I got lucky but bottom line: Drop the face, and lose the stigma cause a HMO is ok!

Photo by Sole Treadmill