Sometimes being entitled is the prequel to becoming greedy, however, sometimes greed skips over entitlement. This is a problem that parents should be aware of when raising their kids.

If a child is raised spoiled, they are less prone to feel entitled, cause they don’t expect anything, cause everything is just given to them, versus, a child that feels entitled might see someone get everything, and yearn for that. When it comes to a greedy person, it’s almost as if a greed becomes inherent to their being, and they don’t need to feel entitled cause they never were presented with a situation where they didn’t get everything.

Let’s take twins for example. What if a parent gave everything to one kid, and nothing to the other. The “have not” is going to spend time feeling entitled to whatever his or her sibling has, whereas, the “have” simply expects it. They don’t feel entitled cause they don’t have to since everything assumingly is theirs. However, once you take things away from the “have” then you will see greed take hold. And greed is hard to shake. I think entitlement can be managed and curbed but greed is another thing altogether.

I bring this up cause if you are raising children that show signs of being entitled, becoming greedy is just around the corner.  Sadly, people who are greedy don’t necessarily realize they are being that way, which  can make it hard to fault them. I have found when I approach someone about their greediness, they don’t seem to understand what I am talking about. They just don’t get it. Being greedy is all they know. They are beyond entitled, but that doesn’t make it ok to make excuses for people.

It’s harder to change someone that is greedy, but easier to reshape someone that feels entitled. Something to think about.