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A Different Sign of Depression Part II

Stereotypical signs of depression, (for the most part,) can be easier to point out, then other more subtle signs of depression. In my experience with depression, often times I find different signs of depression, which are red flags for me to be aware of. Part I of Different Signs of Depression was about forgetting to shower before I go to bed. Let’s take a look at Part II of a Different Sign of Depression:


When it comes to your hair, stereotypical depression can look like a rats nest on your head coupled with greasiness from lack of shampooing. But, I find some more subtle signs when it comes to my hair.

Depending on my mood, I dye my hair. If I’m feeling manic I might go for a really bright color like orange or fire red. Last year after my father died, I went dark brown, a color I have never tried before, but I liked it. It matched my mood as I endured the grieving process.

Then one day I realized that I had serious roots and wondered why I hadn’t cared to go to my colorist? It had been so long I didn’t even have his number in my phone, which has never happened before. I mean my hair was dark, my roots were silver grey, so how could I not notice the change? Did I experiment with different styles like I usually do? No. I found myself wearing it the same way every day to the point where months into my job, I happened to wear it down, and someone made a comment, “Erica, I have never seen your hair down before. It looks nice.”

At that moment, I realized my hair was a different sign of depression. It was pulled back into a tiny bun in the back of my head every single day. I had to think to myself when was the last time I styled it, wore a head band, a braid, straighten it, do it half up, something, but no, I had a different type of depressed hair.

It was clean, it was combed, but it was blah. It was a different sign of depression.

Photo by Ninian Reid

A Different Sign of Depression Part II

Erica Loberg

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