Stereotypical signs of depression, (for the most part,) can be easier to point out, then other more subtle signs of depression. In my experience with depression, often times I find different signs of depression, which are red flags for me to be aware of. Part I of Different Signs of Depression was about forgetting to shower before I go to bed. Let’s take a look at Part II of a Different Sign of Depression:


When it comes to your hair, stereotypical depression can look like a rats nest on your head coupled with greasiness from lack of shampooing. But, I find some more subtle signs when it comes to my hair.

Depending on my mood, I dye my hair. If I’m feeling manic I might go for a really bright color like orange or fire red. Last year after my father died, I went dark brown, a color I have never tried before, but I liked it. It matched my mood as I endured the grieving process.

Then one day I realized that I had serious roots and wondered why I hadn’t cared to go to my colorist? It had been so long I didn’t even have his number in my phone, which has never happened before. I mean my hair was dark, my roots were silver grey, so how could I not notice the change? Did I experiment with different styles like I usually do? No. I found myself wearing it the same way every day to the point where months into my job, I happened to wear it down, and someone made a comment, “Erica, I have never seen your hair down before. It looks nice.”

At that moment, I realized my hair was a different sign of depression. It was pulled back into a tiny bun in the back of my head every single day. I had to think to myself when was the last time I styled it, wore a head band, a braid, straighten it, do it half up, something, but no, I had a different type of depressed hair.

It was clean, it was combed, but it was blah. It was a different sign of depression.

Photo by Ninian Reid